Graduating work after college because I assumed my

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Last updated: February 21, 2019

Graduating fromMontclair State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Healthwas probably the first time I felt a sense of pride in myself.

Growing up Ihave faced many challenges. Every challenge I have faced, I have overcome, dueto a self-enforced determination. I was raised by a single, hard working motherthat worked multiple jobs to provide for my sisters and I. For most of my life,I never felt I was good enough or even smart enough to do more than justmediocre work.

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I never had anyone available to help out with homework, tell methat I am doing a good job, or even that they were proud of me. No one in myfamily had ever gone to college, so that was something I didn’t even consideruntil my senior year in high school. Getting accepted to college was a majoraccomplishment for me, but I was quite nervous not knowing what to expect. Iproved to myself that I was capable of doing more than just mediocre work bymaking the dean’s multiple times, occasionally taking more credits than thenorm, all while working part time to provide for myself.

The day I walked acrossthe stage from Montclair State University was the first time that I heardanyone tell me they were proud of me, which was the best feeling in the world,and actually made me cry.  After graduation,I was working part time at a grocery store and full time at the airport inretail. During my undergraduate studies, I didn’t really think much about workafter college because I assumed my BS would lead to a successful career in thefield of public health post-graduation. I quickly realized that things weren’tgoing to just fall into place because I now had a bachelor’s degree, but I hadto actually figure out what it is I wanted to do, and continue to work hard toget there. After several months of struggling to find the desire to work twojobs that I didn’t absolutely love, I decided I needed to focus on what my truepassion was towards a more fulfilling and stable career. People always told methat when choosing a career it is best to do something that you’re good at andsomething that makes you happy.

It took me a while to finally I realized thatmy happiest moments were during the times I could make someone’s day better byhelping them through a tough situation. After much research and conversationswith a few professionals in the field, I decided that nursing would best suitmy compassion and innate desire to help people. At the time, I figured it wouldbe best to get an inside glimpse of the field to learn more about the roles andresponsibilities of a nurse, which is when I decided to apply and got hired ata nursing home as a recreation coordinator. During my time at the nursing home,I enjoyed talking to, caring for, and developing relationships with theresidents, and this was something that really attracted me to nursing.

I couldtell that something as simple as me grabbling a cup of water for a patient, orbeing there to listen to their stories about childhood or their family, reallymade a difference for that person. It was at the nursing home that I discoveredmy talent of providing reassurance to people who may be feeling anxious orconfused, and I think this is an important skill to have as a nurse.In my opinion, nursesmust be reliable, trusting, able to develop relationships, compassionate,motivated, ambitious and hardworking, all of which are qualities that Ipossess.

The devotion of nurses who genuinely want to make people as happy andas comfortable as possible during difficult times is truly inspiring. This isthe main reason why I am immensely inspired to train in this field by giving myunsurpassed help to those that depend on it. There are many avenueswithin the field of nursing, however, for the past few years, working atnursing homes, and currently working for hospice, I’ve have developed a desire anda love working with and for the elderly. Eventually I would like to work as ahospice nurse, as they play a vital role in supporting and making sure thosethat are in their last few moments of life are most comfortable. I genuinelywant to make a difference in people’s lives, and to be able to assist them andtheir families through difficult times when they are at their most vulnerable.

 Through reading end of day reports that aresent to my work email from the hospice nurses on the field, I am able towitness first-hand the relationships that the nurses are able to establish withtheir patients and families, and the impact they’re able to make through theirhard work.  Overall I believe Iwould be a great fit for this program. I fully understand that nursing is avery challenging, and demanding career, and will test my skills and abilities,but I am certain that I possess the drive and stamina needed to meet thechallenge of your curriculum and the nursing profession itself.

As I look backon these years, I am able to feel a sense of pride, not only at the things thatI have accomplished, but all that I will accomplish in the future. I have overcomemany adversities, and always try my best to do my best despite the situation. Iam very enthusiastic about what is in store for me this coming year, and quiteexcited to eventually begin studying a subject I am most passionate about. Ibelieve choosing nursing will help me fulfill my ambition of supporting andtreating those in need. I cannot wait to take the next steps to achieving mydream, and I am more than ready to embark on this journey. I hope I am grantedthe opportunity to continue my studies at Felician University as I believe thisprogram would open up a multitude of opportunities for me in the future.

I lookforward to the social and academic challenges that I may face if accepted tothis program, and I am confident that I will eventually achieve my goal ofbecoming a successful nurse.

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