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Last updated: October 17, 2019

Grant Development Name: Course: Date: Grant Development I am currently engaged in the process of completing my Capstone project in Public health that will certify my eligibility to graduate later this year. However, due to unexpected change in several factors, the presentation of my paper will certainly be delayed. This manuscript serves to illustrate the extent of completion of the paper and explain the reasons behind the delay.

Degree of completion of the paper Chapter one of the research paper has been comprehensively completed. The research problem was clearly formulated, and the research questions were well formulated. The other elements were also well constructed. For example, the abstract, introduction and conclusion of the first chapter were whole. Lastly, the thesis statement was particularly relevant and suitable. However, the other parts of the research paper were either incomplete or poorly structured. Part of the second chapter is incomplete, and so is the third chapter. The conclusions and recommendations of the paper are yet to be included.

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Challenges faced in the completion of the capstone project Procrastination is a major cause of the delay in handing in the paper. Organizing the proper allocation of time between the course classes and personal responsibilities was not very effective and this resulted in my slight delay in presenting a complete paper. In the beginning, it was extremely hectic to get any spare time to conduct the research paper as I am in my final year and many academic activities had flooded me. However, I have recognized this procrastination issue, and I will work on eliminating it. My financial situation has also contributed significantly to the delay in completing the capstone research.

I am currently experiencing financial difficulties in paying for the tuition fees and other expenses. This has been exacerbated by the fact that I cannot take up an active and well paying form of employment and maintain my academic performance at the college. There are also other trivial expenses such as accommodation and victuals that make it difficult to focus on finishing the research paper. Lastly, I am currently experiencing a technical difficulty in that the supervisor that was allocated the task of assisting me with my research paper was unavailable to help me. Therefore, I have had to develop ideas and structure of the paper on my own. This has slowed down the process of finishing the research paper, as I may need the contribution of a skilled instructor.

Solutions I plan to prepare a timetable that will reorganize my available time so that I can slot in the necessary time needed to complete the capstone project before the deadline approaches. The timetable will be made with the remaining tasks in mind. The last three chapters will need to be spread out evenly between the three remaining weeks. This will give me enough time to do other relevant activities such as attending classes and resting (Cassuto, 2010). To end the financial problems, I have taken up a job under the student work-study program where I will be able to earn a substantial amount that will cover all the academic expenses that may arise.

Furthermore, the work-study program offers accommodation and food as part of the benefits. I expect that, after three weeks of working in this program, I will not be experiencing financial difficulties and will have enough time and comfort to work on the research paper. To solve the supervisor issue, I will have to request the department for a new supervisor at my disposal. I will likewise have to increase my pace to bring the supervisor up to date and get him to help me complete my capstone project before the deadline reaches. References Cassuto L. (2010).

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