Graphic Elements of Poetry

similar to prose, w/o it, words flow together unsmoothly, encases thoughts and ideas, aids in meaning, signals where/when to breathe

doesn’t really matter, usually at the beginning of a sentence, poets choose to use this, e.e.

cummings doesn’t use it

line length/meter
m-recurring pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in lines of a set length, 1 line = 10 syllables, type of foot and number of feet, usually less than 8 ft., l-most basic unit, length- part of composition, affects meaning of the words in it and the sound and rhythm as it’s read, ft. have dif. stress patterns

word position
shows relationship b/w words and ideas (prep), shows dif. structures of poems

concrete/shape poetry
poem is written in the shape of it’s subject

simplest form of poetry, has 2 lines of rhyming poetry that usually have same meter

poem consisting of 3 lines, each line having an exact number of syllables, nature related

7 line poem, shaped like a diamond, color helps to clarify

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