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Last updated: March 5, 2019

Well green technology is technologies that benefit or help the environment and possibly the human condition.

Green Technology can help the environment and also help our wallets by saving us on energy cost. The most effective way most people know to save money Is to by products or appliances that are made to save energy. I also believe that If we all would drive hybrid cars it would help enormously with our pollution in the air and on our lands and water systems. If every one would drive hybrids and electric cars we would not have problems like the one we are having now in the Gulf of Mexico.Another significant way to save money is solar energy, and wind energy. Solar energy is solar panels converting our sun rays into electricity by hotfooting cells. The solar panels are intended to reduce both air pollution and CO emissions.

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Many people have found this new energy saver very useful so many of them have put them to work in their houses and their businesses. I think that this is a very good technology to have around the house because with our economy on the hinge. Greenhouses like these in the Wasteland municipality of the Netherlands grow vegetables, fruits and flowers.Many people will ask well what happens when the sun goes down and we can not turn the suns rays into electricity, well they have found ways to store the energy into heat for times when there is no sun or not enough to produce electricity.

Many people even use this technique with solar lights to light their drive way instead of the old way which includes a drop-cord and outside lamps, the same storage technique is used in this solar lamps, they store heat then release the heat into electricity to produce light at night.This Is a graph showing a seasonal variation of the output of the solar panels at AT&T Park In San Francisco. Walla Is a Tort AT solar energy. Walls are caused Day ten uneven netting AT ten atmosphere by the sun, the irregularities of the earth’s surface, and rotation of the earth. Wind flow patterns are modified by the earth’s terrain, bodies of water, and vegetative cover. This wind flow, or motion energy, when “harvested” by modern wind turbines, can be used to generate electricity.

Wind energy is nothing new, we been using this technique since the mid-sass’s, but it has come a long way with durability, less costly, and more efficient turbines. There are many turbines in the United States they are known as “Wind Farms”. These “Wind Farms” produce electricity and stored onto a utility grid and distributed to costumers Just like the electric companies. Geothermal power is using our natural source of heat energy which most people only know it as hot springs.I think that this is not a reliable source of energy because there are only a handful of hot springs in the United States and in 2007 less than 1% of the worlds electricity supply was produce from this type of source.

Global capacity of geothermal electric power plants. Upper line is nameplate capacity, lower line is realized production. Nuclear Energy has proven to be the most effective energy source out of all the there it also decreases the United States dependency on foreign countries imported oil.

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