Group Therapy for Parents

Group Therapy for Parents Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Group Therapy for Parents Group Name Parents Haven – ‘For Peace of Mind’ Parents Haven offers group therapy for parents who are going through problems with themselves, their marriages and their children. The first few sessions will be free but a substantial fee will be charged after three months. The group meetings shall be every Wednesday at 5pm at Williamson Hall, Bender Street. The sessions will be conducted by Dr. Helen Wither Spoon, a professional psychiatrist.

Demographic questions The following demographic questions will help in the selection of parents for therapy. What is your name? What is your age? What is your address? What is your marital status? What is your level of education? Screening questions Parents who wish to be part of the therapy sessions have to answer the following group of questions honestly Child-related problems How many children do you have? Are your children teenagers? Are you experiencing problems in your marriage? What schools do your children attend? What kind of trouble do your children get into? Marriage-related/family problems Is anyone in your family suffering from any terminal illness? What is affecting how your family relates? Do you have addicts in your family? Are you the sole breadwinner in the family? Is your partner having an affair? Are you going through a rough divorce? Personal problems Are you a drug addict? Are you experiencing any issues with your self-esteem? Where do you work? How do you feel about talking about the above subjects? Out of all the questions, those parents who will manage to answer at least, eight questions will qualify for the therapy. Honesty is highly encouraged when answering the screening questions.

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Those parents with marital problems will undergo group therapy separately from those with problems affecting their children. Qualifications for therapy will depend on the answers provided by the parents (Jacobs et al, 2012). Those who do not provide appropriate answers will not be eligible for the therapy sessions. Contact You can reach us on the following toll-free numbers and email.

+000 333 666 888 +100 444 999 222 +200 555 777 111 Email: [email protected] For more information, visit our website, www.parentshaven.

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