GROUP was the first mobile cellular service introduced. When

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           GROUP MEMBERSKARTHIK THULASI – BBA/50008/16AISWARYA K – BBA/50009/16             MOBILE PHONE USAGE AND HEALTH OFYOUNG PEOPLE IN INDIA·       Cell phones are an integral part of moderntelecommunications.·       Around 4.

8 billion cell phone subscriptions areglobally made and also 11 to 12 million is added every month.·       Approximately more than 200 countries use mobilephones. REVIEW OF LITERATUREMobile usage among IndiansThere are 20% mobile subscribers in rural areas and 80% inurban areas. In 1994 was the first mobile cellular service introduced.

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When youcompare it with other communication media, in 2012, there were 929.37m cellphone users, 31.53m landline and 116.5m television users. Mobile phones and Young people in the countryCell phones have become an important part of any adolescentin India. More than half of the country’s population is under 25 years of ageand are mobile phone users. College students and working adults clearly specifiesthat cell phones play an important role in daily life. It’s used for variouscommunication and social media activities.

The uses of mobile phones arecausing high risk of health among the youngsters.   Mobile phones and healthMedical researchers are concerned about the health issuescaused by usage of cell phones which are affected by the radio frequency andmicro electromagnetic can have health risks small as well as huge,these waves can affect our brain, sleep, heart rate, blood pleasure etc. evencausing cancer. RESEARCH PROBLEMEffects of increased mobile usage on health of youthin India (15-25years) RESEARCH QUESTIONS·       What are the effects of mobile phone usage on theyouth health in the country? ·       What is their responsiveness to this issue?·       What are the factors behind the increasing usage ofcell phones?OBJECTIVES ·       The main aim is to determine the effects of theincreased usage of cell phones on youth health. ·       Secondly to measure the responsiveness and awarenessabout the increased use of cell phones among them.·       Thirdly to identify the factors that led to increasedusage of mobile phones among the youth.

 RESEARCH DESIGN Ø Quantitativeresearch Design Ø DescriptivestudyØ Cross-sectionalstudy Study population of youth between 15 to 25 yearsGeographical area Chennai, Tamil Nadu  DITERMINATION OF SAMPLE DESIGN·       Sampling technique will be adopted.·       Probability sampling·       By systematic Random Sampling 4 schools and 6 collegesfrom Chennai will be selected.·       We will require around 600 individuals for the survey.

 COLLECTION OF DATA·       The type of method used is Mixed method.·       The technique used is Ø Mail survey300 students from 7colleges at the age of 18 to 25 will be selected. The questionnaires will be sentby email. Ø Personal (faceto face) survey200 students from 4schools of the age 15 to 18 will be selected by systematic random sampling. Therewill be trained interviewers for assistance and filling the survey.·       Tool used is a semi-structured questionnaire. ANALYSIS OF DATAData is analyzed in terms of the following·       Age·       Gender·       Education ·       Number of years mobile phones used by a particularperson·       Duration of mobile usage·       Number of health issues faced by the people usingmobile phone.

 PREPARATION OF THE REPORT Once all the information is gained the final step is preparationof report. 

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