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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: From: insert name To: Anita Lotta-Help Date: October 15, 2012 Re: What is in a cloud? Anita, It has come to my attention that you are seeking other options that will include the use of cloud computing in the firm. The transition from IaaS is a necessary one, as it will significantly affect the productivity of the firm in the positive. Cloud computing is especially recommended for retail companies, for example, TRU. This is because it saves a lot of money that should have been spent on the purchase of new software and their licenses for any new employees in the company.

The use of cloud computing also creates a reasonable work shift from the computers locally available in the firm to the computers that constitute the cloud. For the form, this will mean less maintenance for the local computers since their workload has been reduced by the installation of the cloud. Recommendation I think Times R Us (TRU) should implement the use of cloud computing in the organization as it has a lot more advantages.

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TRU may choose to implement either of the following suggestions since they are best suited for the firm. Several software companies have come up with various softwares that make use of the new cloud computing technology. a) The use of Software as a Service (SaaS) in TRU SaaS is a software model that avails several software applications to their customers using web-based services. This software seeks to alleviate the burdens associated with the expensive purchase of the original software from their manufacturers and distributors (Hurwitz, 137). b) The use of Platform as a Service (PaaS) as software in TRU This software utilizes the ability of users to lease computer appliances over the internet. Such computer appliances include operating systems, network capacity, hardware and storage components.

This service by allowing the renting of such applications enables customers to acquire services that will help them either to test new applications or to develop new ones (Furht and Escalante, 96). From the above information, I recommend the use of PaaS in TRU. This is because the service provides the chance of developing new applications that may address the particular needs of the organization. Background Cloud computing has several advantages and disadvantages and every organization should weigh the pros and cons of a software option before deciding to install it in the firm. In this case, I suggest the use of PaaS software, in retail companies such as TRU as opposed to SaaS because of its affordability (Buyya, Broberg and Gos?cin?ski, 205).

It will cost the company a lot less to use SaaS to acquire their applications rather than to purchase them individually. This money may be put into different use in the firm that will enable them to increase their sales. For example, the money can be used to intensify their advertisements.

Sales will increase because of this and their gross profit, as well. Expiry of software licenses is another hindrance to the success of retail companies; however, by the use of SaaS, this burden is lifted off the companies. Costs associated with the renewal of these licenses falls back on the service provider, and this will save a lot of money for the retail company. IaaS is not appropriate because the service provider owns the equipment and this makes it prone to more distractions for example repairs and maintenance. PaaS can be considered a product of the SaaS, but it is also a recommended software application to the retail firms.

First, PaaS is not geographically limited to specific locations, as it makes use of the internet. This is important to the company since, in the case of problem shooting, there is immediate assistance that will restore the system to its previous state. Therefore, no daily routine will be altered, and the company will not incur any unnecessary losses. Another advantage of the PaaS over Iaas and SaaS is that the features of the operating system can be changed as often as required by the company in question (Sarna, 157). This is important because the organization can install the newest operating systems that will increase their efficiency in the firm. Cloud computing technology, especially in the use of PaaS is a rather advantageous alternative for retail companies like TRU and their installation will have a significant effect on the productivity of the firm. Works Cited Buyya, Rajkumar, James Broberg, and Andrzej Gos?cin?ski.

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New York: Springer, 2010. Print. Hurwitz, Judith.

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