Habits of Effective Business Managers

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Last updated: October 20, 2019

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Habits of Effective Business Managers Bernice approach to Harry Doyle dilemma Bernice, to begin with, was a resilient Lady. She did not bow to pressure or challenges. Harry Doyle’s dilemma presented a challenge. She understood that, Harry Doyle, having been the operations manager, was a great asset as was the business.

She had to maintain both the business and Doyle. She therefore was to negotiate a mutually beneficial contract. My suggestion would be that she increases his pay and gives him a higher post. First, this will enhance the trust between them.

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Assigning an employee higher responsibility shows that the employer trusts the employee. This will increase his productivity, and increase his sense of ownership of the business. This directly reflects the application of principle four that requires a manger to build high trust relationships, apply successful negotiation skills. She would apply effective collaboration by working hand in hand with him for the success in business.

This applies a tenet of principle four that is using effective collaborations. Four Human endowments for Jeff Jeff is at an ideal point of success since success occurs during adversity. He is going through enormous challenges in both his personal life and the business. This is the perfect time to use the four human endowments namely; Self-awareness, Imagination, conscience, and Independent will. It is also the point he can apply the habit of private victory. Private victory involves a few other tenets that include being proactive, beginning with the end in mind and the first things first. Self-awareness is the ability of an individual to know what he stands for. He identifies what his strengths are and what he needs to improve on.

This enables him to know what he can do. Imagination is the creative mind of an individual, the ability of coming up with ingenious solutions to problems. Conscience is the inborn instinct to discern between wrong and right, sense future possibilities and keep alert. This is important in deciding possible business moves that could be profitable in the near future.

Having a conscience will enable him know the moves that will be beneficial for the business in the future. The other tenet is Independent will. This characteristic enables a manager to make decisions on his own. This gives him the courage to implement what he thinks are the possible solutions to the crisis that might be afflicting the business at that time. Independent will gives courage to the manager. These characteristics will enable Jeff overcome the existent challenges.

My advice to Jeff includes the components of self-victory. These include being proactive, beginning with the end in mind and the first things first. Being proactive involves taking appropriate action when challenges occur. It is the ability for him to identify and accept that things are not right and create subsequent relevant solutions. The second habit I would advocate for is beginning with the end.

This involves first identifying where he needs to go after which he shall identify the steps that will get him there. This now requires one to set objectives with a focus on the desired goals. The last advice I would give him would be that of first thing first. Every business manager needs to create a list of priority. Not everything can be scheduled for the same time. This attribute enables the business manager to set a timetable of activities and be able to monitor his progress. A business manager needs this skill so that he can be able to distribute resources effectively.

Without a proper timeline, achieving goals is very hard. An effective leader’s make up. The best captains make themselves in the roughest seas. People have worked for years with this Chinese adage. Failures disappointments and crucibles are a critical component in the making of effective managers. Challenges make people stronger and give them more strength to conquer even bigger challenges. Without strength, a manager cannot be able to handle tough situations.

A manger needs to be muscled up to handle hard and tough times. Without challenges, a manager has nothing to manage. Failures serve to teach the managers how to avoid like situations in the future. Without these failures, a manager cannot understand the dynamics of success. Every organization gets to fail at one point. The most crucial thing is to come out of the failure rather than give up. Take for example, if a business fails and the manager cannot manage to get back up again, the business will go under. This will make quite a large workforce jobless.

To be a great business leader, one has to meet the greatest of challenges that is failure. Nobody can know how to do some things unless they first get to fail. It is important to meet challenges, crucibles and ultimately failure. Without these, a manager is not complete and so is the business.

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