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Last updated: June 14, 2019

Hair is mainly composed of keratin, a protein, which grows from a sac calledthe follicle. Hair is curly or straight, depending upon the number of disulfidebonds between hair proteins present in the hair shaft. If your hair isnaturally curly, relying on the curl pattern you may opt to go with curls fromthe hairline down to the ends.

To style curly hair straight takes a little more attempt.First shampoo your hair and relocate tangles. Shampoo with moisturizing shampoocasted for your hair’s current type, condition and texture.

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If you prefer, washwith conditioner only or a diluted formula that works perfect for you. A goodroutine to care for your curly braids would be to shampoo yourhair every other day.Always use a light weight leave-in conditioning detangler and a broadtoothed comb on wet hair to deal with stubborn tangles.

Apply a paddle brushand a blow dryer with a concentrator. Straight blow dryer down the hair shaftfrom roots to ends to get hair direct with the added bonus of extra shine. Usea curling iron to clarify the curls if you wish.

Finish with a bang of shinespray and hairspray to block humidity and add shine.A good cut is very important to manage curly hair. Avoidthe use of thinning shears or razor cutting. Thinning shears crush the ends ofyour hair and razors slice the edges giving split ends a place to begin. Ifyour hair is too thick ask your stylist to layer it to remove bulk andameliorate manageability.Longer layers normally work best on curly hair with a largerless defined curl and can be very flattering when dried naturally or blown dry.Attach a long finger diffuser to your blow dryer.

Keeping fingers and hands outof hair as much as possible (to protect curl) separate remaining strands intopersonal 2? sections. Using the blow dryer on a medium, low to medium heatsetting, use the fingers to lift and adorn natural curls. Separate longsweeping bangs from rest of hair.Apply a small glop of straightening gel to the bang and top of the hair linearea. Don’t use brush and if possible let it dry naturally. Try to bunch thehair in handfuls and keep the heat flowing between your fingers through yourhair. After it’s dry let it stay and cool for a minute, then flip it up.

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