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Then there is the cost of utilities and food he or she must pay for supplies that are needed to run the center along with cost of maintenance. External Forces: External forces are on the outside the company these are opportunity, threat, and trend. These would be factors that affect the economy such as competitors, legal, regulations, and society. The economic factor is important because if the prices go up people cannot pay for daycare but when the price goes back down people will start their child in daycare again.

Social responsibility this would be to make sure the investor have a good return on his or her investment. The teacher and other staff must be paid. The company must provide a safe environment to work In as well as the children In the compass care. Cultural value everyone Is to be treated with respect and no one is to be looked down on because of their culture or background.

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Opportunity growth is important to the company as the company gets bigger there is the need to expand other companies may want to join with the daycare and have their employers pay for it.On other benefit might be from government programs hat could possible make childcare available for low-income families. Threats would be competition that Is already established. There are many rule and restriction In the state, local, Ana Ethereal when running a daycare. WV NAS to added Day title legislation by the department of health and human services. They are three types type one is fewer than 30 students, type two is 31 to 60 students and there is Type three that has 60 or more students.

Core values are an important part of strategic planning this starts with the mission statement that is to provide the highest quality healthcare safely and to provide learning programs for each child according to his or her age. Vision statement is the company will earn customers will come in confidence and will trust in the company services by keeping the commitment that they made. Core values that we are responsible to our customers, always honest and professional. We strive to take things to the next level. Happy works is a daycare center for children six months to six years.A SHOOT analysis was done and included internal and external force the strategic plan of strength and weaknesses. Opportunities, and threats with the external factors of the economy, the competition, and government rules. The strategic plan must be able to changes and the company must know how to adapt quickly to make the company a success.

Balance score card is used to assist in implementing strategiesћ and objectives Balance Score card is a tool that is used in strategy planning it was created by Robert Kaplan, and David Norton it is used to improve internal functions and it provides feedback to assist in implementing strategies.

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