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Last updated: May 11, 2019

Harlem Renaissance
African American Cultural Movement of the 1920s and early 1930s that centered in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City

It was also known as the following
New Negro Movement New Negro Renaissance Negro Renaissance

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When did it emerge?
toward the end of WWI

The Black Middle Class developed as a result of the following
1. Increased education 2. Employment opportunities

4 factors that laid the groundwork for the movement

Great Migration 2. Development of the black middle class 3. Harlem developed into the political and cultural center of black America 4. a new political agenda advocating racial equality

African American Organizations

Who was the first person to receive national recognition for poetry?
Paul Laurence Dunbar

Who was the first person to receive national recognition for fiction?
Charles W. Chesnutt

Black historian and sociologist who helped advance the rights of African Americans

E.B. Du Bois

Name some African American publications
“Fire!!””The Crisis””Opportunity”

The publications promoted African American literature through these ways
articles reviews annual literary prizes

True of False: All of the literary styles were the same during the Harlem Renaissance

What was significant about the Harlem Renaissance?
It was the first time that publishers and critics took African American literature seriously. It captured attention from the nation.

What 3 works signaled the new creative energy in African American literature?
“Harlem Shadows””Cane” “There is Confusion”

What literary magazine helped launch the Harlem Renaissance?

What 4 factors contributed to the decline of the movement?
The Great Depression Organizations shifted their interests to economic and social issues Many influential black writer left NYC Riot in Harlem 1935

Who were 3 important writers during the Renaissance?
Langston Hughes Claude McKay Countee Cullen

What did the Renaissance prove?
It proved that the white race did not hold a monopoly of literature and culture

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