Harlequin Enterprises Case

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Last updated: October 20, 2019

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Harlequin Enterprises Case Several factors explain Harlequin’s success.

Harlequin’s romance series books were a valuable resource for the company. The romance series books enabled harlequin to eliminate the threat of competitors by making it difficult for them to enter into the publishing business. It was very difficult to imitate harlequin’s products.

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Most publishers who attempted to venture into the publishing of romance books were hindered by the consistency and quality of harlequin products and the huge cost of imitating the products. Harlequin has enough capabilities to compete in the single title book industry. First, harlequin is already an established publishing house. The operation costs of establishing the new single title publications will be cheaper since harlequin already had the necessary infrastructure, and will not have to incur additional costs. Its contract with Simon and Schuster will ensure that they have a head start in the distribution of their single title books. Harlequin had already established a loyal customer base. They will therefore find it easier to convince their customers to adopt the new line of single title publications.

It had experienced authors at its disposal. Harlequin can build competitive advantage in its single title publication. The best way it can do this is by making production as unique as possible. Harlequin has editors and staff who were involved in making its romance series publications the most competitive in the market and can use them to make this new line successful. Harlequin should therefore enter the single title market because of the prospect of gaining a strategic advantage over present publishers in the industry.

Harlequin has enough experience in the publishing industry hence making it easier to venture into the single title industry. The single title novels are a worthwhile prospect especially since romance series novels had started creating little or no revenue.

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