hat a scary place that no one dared

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Last updated: May 19, 2019

hat if Mars was our home? Earth was a scary place that no one dared to explore. Mars has boggled the minds of many scientists. There is so much happening there, and so much we don’t know yet. All we know is that there might have been water there a long time ago, that the planet itself is red,we know the climate, and atmosphere.

We don’t even know if people will survive there. Yet we are going to send people up there to explore. Is there really any water on mars? NASA scientists do believe that there may have been water once on mars. There is a shoreline there like the one on earth. Except one thing, it rises several kilometers in one area.

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So at first the NASA scientists thought this this may have just been erosion or something, but then they remembered the volcano. If Olympus Mons had blown lava everywhere it would have caused the planet to shake and the water level to rise.  However you might say how could one volcano do so much? Well Olympus Mons is three times the size of Mount Everest, and earth is larger than mars.How do we know anything about the planet? How has NASA found out so much about mars? How do we even have pictures, or know about the shoreline at all? NASA has rovers that can take pictures and collect samples of the rock and dust. Their most prestigious rover is Curiosity, which landed in 2012, 5 years ago. Mars rovers are looking all over the planet for water, and even possible signs of life.

Why is mars called the red planet? Mars is called the red planet,because well it IS red. But why is that?Mars is super dusty, but the dust actually has a lot of rust in it which makes the planet red. Once long ago it might not have been so red, it may have been filled with oceans and glaciers, like earth is today. These are pictures of what mars and earth may have looked like a long time ago. With Mars on the left and Earth on the right.And here’s what they look like today                                                            Well now you might be saying that first picture was earth though! But it actually it’s mars from a very long time ago, at least that what scientists say. But now you might be saying, if that happened to mars why couldn’t it happen to earth? And you’re right.It would eventually happen to earth.

But I wouldn’t expect that though because before that in 4 billion years and elliptical galaxy will collide into ours crushing mercury venus earth and mars. But if that doesn’t happen the sun will create a supernova in five billion years that would destroy the planet.If I really left how far away would I be? I’m sorry to say this but it doesn’t matter. You would never come home from that trip. But if you really want to know you would be 56.4 million kilometers away.

 Thats too far for nasa to create a rocket that can go back and forth from mars. There isn’t much of a chance that you will go to mars in your lifetime if you’re reading this paper, because it takes 26 months for each rocket with four people to go up there, and only four people will go up at a time for the time being.Why should I even go to mars? Earth is ripping itself apart. We can fix this, by recycling and picking up litter, not using so much gas, that would all help! But it takes a lot to convince seven billion people that. Global warming is our biggest issue, but what’s to say we won’t rip the other planets apart? We need to be better people and clean up and save the environment. Most people on earth are saying right now that earth is destroyed and mars is our only hope.

But I refuse to believe that all of that is true.Should I be afraid of mars?Mars Is not how movies describe it. There aren’t scary aliens.That we know of..

.Just kidding! This is our home so we should learn to take care of it, but this is our other option. If you are afraid, pick up your litter, or we will move to mars. Mars is scary, we don’t know if there’s life there, and mars is trying to kill you,( no water proabbly, no air, no Ozone.

) but it will be incredible when we first set foot on mars. So if you don’t want to leave that planet that raised you gave you a home, a state, a country. Pick up after yourself and other people, and use less gas, walk and bike more! Than Mars will be for scientific use only. So would you go to mars to live there? Or are you attached to this planet? Consider carefully before you leave your home planet to some crazy creepy place we’ve never seen before. Think about before you spend millions of dollars to go there.

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