Have practiced and it continues till now with

Have you ever heard about a Muslim woman miss thousands of
jobs because of her hijab? Or an Egyptian is tortured daily in Libya because of
his nationality or an African is not accepted from his neighbors because of his
color and lots of bad stories because of the inequality.

So let’s figure out what is the real meaning of the inequality, the inequality is to think that there are differences, elements, and abilities inherited by people Thus justifying the social and legal treatment of individuals and vary  in the distribution of a certain metric, which can be income, health or any other material or non-material asset. Inequality has emerged since the beginning of the life and it’s one of the reasons of wars and discrimination, and the biggest deadly diseases in societies. The most common example is the slave trade practiced and it continues till now with the Africans with black color and others; they become slaves without reason except for differences in color.   What are the differences between people that cause inequality??The inequality maybe because of the difference in: 1) The color of the skin        2) Nationalism           3) Language        4) Beliefs  5) Cultures 6) Social status 7) Habits Forms of inequality: 1)      Individual discrimination: inequality is directed at the individual himself.

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2)      Legal discrimination: inequality is directed at a group on
behalf of other groups, where the law is used and unfairly enforced to achieve

3)      Institutional discrimination: inequality is aimed at achieving the objectives of one group at the expense of other groups, which deprives these groups of their rights.


 The previous shapes
explained the inequality within the country so let’s talk about the inequality
among the countries.

Have you heard about the 21 Christians Egyptian who were killed in Libya by Da’ash. The 21 Egyptians were citizen like them completely, they work, produce, and benefit Libya like them and we can say more than them. What have they done to be killed in that way! I have no reason to explain nope, there is a reason, they are Christians according to what Da’ash said and they Declares expressly with the inequality they also said that they did that because the men refused to be Muslims. This is a curtain hiding behind their racism because Islam never invites us to even harm people to join it so it never agrees with killing people because if the Muslims are right they will be wrong when killing their fraternity. So let’s agree that the inequality of some people may be hidden behind religions, policies, and beliefs to stir public opinion towards the unwanted purpose.    




Reasons of inequality:1)The vanity: it’s very important reason as some people believe that they are the best ones on the universe so they began to treat the others badly because they saw the others less than them, and when a person sees himself fully, this is a deficiency. 2) National economy alongside global forces as the make-up of individual economies also affects equality. Statistics in 2000 shows that 5% of the richest people take 1/3 of the Earth’s wealth. 3) Sometimes governments use and disseminate racism through politicized media and enslaved peoples to justify their human rights violations 4) The phobia of foreigners since childhood and the fear of people who differ from us increase the racism of xenophobia because of their ignorance with their cultures 5) Promoting discrimination and equality is counterproductive and awakens discrimination and racism. There are many other reasons and the previous was the most important of them.After showing the reasons I should say that I agree completely with Nelson Mandela when said “There is no human was born hating another person because of the color of his skin, origin or religion. People have learned hatred and if they can be taught hatred, we can teach them love, especially because love is closer to the human heart than hatred. ”  


Also the person acquests his opinions and morals from his
family so the next generations will be racial such as his family, which shows the
reason of rising inequality.

Let’s stop the inequality towards each other let’s stop the wars,
the fights, and the differences. By the inequality we lose the peace, love, and
lots of chances for example, a Muslim woman applied for a job and rejected because
of her hijab this Muslim may be more qualified more than the other applicant
that the company accepted so by the inequality of the company they lost a
qualified employee which may add more to their business. “The human body
adapts to any harsh conditions but
the established beliefs are our way of survival in deprivation.”  Nelson Mandela


Countries use Gini coefficient, a measure of income
inequality in which zero represents perfect equality and 100 perfect inequalities.
The global Gini rose from 49 in 1820 to 66 in 2000.

Although there is no tool to measure the inequality in our
minds or our thoughts.



For the inequality within our countries I think a Strong
initiative with successful responsible people can change the people minds and
if we taught the people that the other person who he is a racial towards is a
normal person and completely like him even if he has different opinions as Doctor
Ahmed Lotfy Elsaid said ”
The difference of opinion does not spoil an issue for the friendliness.”   And
the people shouldn’t be all identical we should differ to learn from each other.
We should tell these words especially to the children in the schools to grow
with the right norms and give up inequality.

For the inequality among countries initiatives are also good
but not adequate as we need international conferences, agreements, and laws to
solve the problems between the countries.


Finally, we must pay attention for the dangerous of the
inequality and we should give up it as fast as possible because we are all the same,
we are all one and our beginning was the same: two mixed chromosomes.




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