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Last updated: May 16, 2019

Having been born in India , a victim to one of the worlds most devastating violent-non-state demolition , the haunting images of the Mumbai attacks 2009 left a lasting impression on me. For a 9 year old , it was intriguing as to how a motley group could paralyse a bustling metropolis like Mumbai for 4 days.

The aftermath of this event left me stupefied and inadvertently I started skimming through magazines and newspapers to further feed my childhood curiosity. India , once downplayed as a land of ‘snake charmers’ and fakirs has catapulted herself into the world stage with a formidable gusto. But the simmering discord with her immediate neighbour has given rise to a rhetoric that is so belligerent and bellicose that it has generated ramifications throughout the Indian Subcontinent  Being in a politically adrenalised family , I started finding myself in the midst of political discourses which further ignited my passion.Reading internationally acclaimed magazines like the TIME and The Economist , I started taking baby steps into this complex web of transnational politics but little did I know that this was a precursor to my dalliance with IR. Going further down the rabbit hole , I was fascinated by the intricacies of war and the maintenance of peace; the power play and lobbying within the international system; and the ever evolving nature of the state and non-state actors. To understand today , we have to search the yesterdays and that is exactly what International Relations will guarantee me. Hence I look forward to spending the next 3 years adventuring into the myriad nuances of this subject.My commitment to my school community has been quite rewarding and enriching as I’ve succesfully managed to concoct a blend of skills in academics , co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

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My school Pallikoodam, which boasts of an illustrious alumni like Arundhati Roy, has exposed me to a plethora of  opportunities, which has added firepower to my arsenal. It is safe to say that via active participation in various Model United Nations , I have been exposed to the multifaceted world of International relations. Being the president of the MUN Club, I have managed to groom and mentor a 50 strong contingent which has , under my stewardship, brought in accolades.Without being a dictator , I was able to delegate tasks , foster comrades which in turn developed my leadership and organisational skills.

Also , I’ve been bestowed the responsibly of playing the lead role of ” Thesius ” in the much anticipated annual school drama. I managed to pull it off spectacularly despite having the barrier of conversing fluently in the local language , Malayalam. Pallikoodam has also given me the opportunity to conduct various assemblies which has helped develop my public speaking and communication abilities which are critically required to take part in university level deliberations.

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