Having to a team-oriented environment. An MBA will

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Last updated: May 28, 2019

Having worked at YYY on projects of retailgiants, I have been fortunate to get exposed to the technology side of thebusiness. Frequent client interactions helped me experience the operationsbehind its running and its complexities altogether. This helped me gain clarityin my goal which is to work in operations management/consulting. I believe thatwhat I bring to the table in the current context is not sufficient to achievemy goal and it will take me longer to understand the business essentials whichare involved in the process. An MBA will help me upskill myself, will be anupgradation of my soft skills such as leadership, team-work and polish myanalytical and creative side to deliver and contribute to a team-orientedenvironment.

An MBA will help me bridge the evident gaps which I lack currentlyto transition to the actual business side and will give me the exposure tointeract and work with the most diverse people. It will also give me thenecessary range of skills required across several roles and functions in the domainof Operations. All of this will help me tune myself to lead from the front as abusiness manager. 

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