Hayakawa Ch. 13 ;Poetry and Advertising;

Topic: EntertainmentAdvertising Effect
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Last updated: December 15, 2019
The Poet’s Function
Poetry is loftyAdvertising is handmade of commerceAdvertising is poetry applicable to the masses. Poetry has to be abstract and obscure because everything was already used in advertising.

Art and Life
Poets use word magic for their connotative value. ex) Boo will scare you.

Aww will entice you.Sponsored- is payed for poetry which is adversingUnsponsored is not payed for which is poetry

The Laureate’s Task
The Laureate’s task is to beautify advertisements and make it enjoyable. He is the “modern day marketer”.

The Problems of the Unsponsored Poet
They have have nothing to write about which in turn makes them abstract, obscure and express sad juicy topics that try and intrigue the reader.

The Symbols We Live By
Advertising is a symbol-manipulating occupation. Poets must

Symbols for Our Times

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