HCS/341 – Training and Development

Training and Development HCS/341 Human Resources in Health Care September 16, 2013 Gregory Guntly Initial training and ongoing development are critical in the health care industry. This field requires extensive skills and it is always changing. Continuous training and development is beneficial for the employee but it also benefits the health care organization in which the employee works. The organization is responsible for the training and development of its employees but the employee must also take the initiative to learn the material and procedures presented.

Employers and employees ust work together to determine the appropriate training and development required in order for the employee to be successful and the organization to be profitable. Health care has made significant changes over the past decade in caring for the ill and injured. Many of these changes have been in the area of technology. Computer systems have been implemented in nearly all health care organizations across the United States. It is imperative that the staffs in these health care facilities are properly trained in order to utilize the equipment now at their fingertips.

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As echnology changes, which occurs continuously, developing the employees with ongoing training sessions and hands on experiences will keep them up to date with these changes. In addition to computer systems, advancements have been made in equipment used in the health care field to diagnose and treat patients. This is another area of health care that is forever changing and requires employers to offer continuous training and development of their staff to ensure the safety of the patients treated. There are many organizations both state and federal that govern health care policies and procedures.

As rules and regulations change, employers must ensure that the employees receive the updated training in order to comply with these rules and regulations. Once training and developing has occurred competencies, or expectations, must be set and managed. Competencies are measurable skills, knowledge, behaviors and abilities required to complete a Job. Having knowledgeable employees is a must but the employees must also be efficient. Employees must understand the Job description and Job requirements that they are responsible tor. Each employee nas certain Job functions that need to be completed in order for the organization to run moothly.

They must each possess the competency to complete these Job functions. If an employee is not doing what is expected, it is up to the supervisor and/or manager to follow proper disciplinary actions as set up by the organization. Tracking the performance of employees is important to show the progress of each individual employee. Training evaluations should be completed after each training session is completed. The trainer or supervisor needs to ensure that the trainee has understood the training and is proficient at executing what is expected.

This erformance of the employee regarding the training should be monitored and reviewed with the employee so that all parties understand how well the employee is performing. Performance reviews should also take place on an annual basis. The performance review should include all disciplinary action taken as well as training and development completed. These performance reviews should ultimately reflect the true value and overall knowledge level of the employee. Human resources keep record of all these performance reviews for the entire length of employment in a master file and will be used for promotions if necessary.

If an employee must be terminated for performance failure, these performance reviews will allow human resources to Justify the termination. Performance reviews are used for multiple purposes. Training and development are key components to the success of an organization and all of its employees. Employers must ensure that the training and development provided is tracked and employees are held accountable for their actions. Federal and state organizations that protect employees as well as employers can enter an organization and review employee records to ensure compliance to certain rules and regulations.

Making sure that employees are properly trained on all aspects of their Job is crucial. Human resources is a critical department that helps to maintain these records and ensure that the minimum training and development is being offered to all employees. References Axeley, L. (2008. October-December). Competency: A concept analysis. Nursing Forum, 43(4), 214. Gomez-Mejia, L. R. , Balkin, D. B. , & cardy, R. L. (2010). Managing human resources. [University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-text]. Prentice Hall. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix, HCS341-Human Resources in Health Care course website


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