heads it is important to not be short staffed

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Last updated: August 17, 2019

heads into the future.One of the many changes I hope to see made is that less focus is put onreuniting the family at all cost and more is put on the child’s best interest.Sometimes parents really don’t know better and they just need a little help andto be educated.

Other times parents are allowed to neglect their child time andtime again because of a flaw in the system. This is another one of the reasonswhy it is important to not be short staffed on Child Protection Servicesorders. There needs to be enough workers to do the initial visits faster and unannounced.They need to be able to thoroughly interview and not cut corners. They need tohave a manageable caseload so that they can give proper legwork and thoughtprocess to each case. To have a successful future for Child Protective Servicesthere needs to be more worker and less turnover of staff.

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            I have learned how hard it is to be a social worker. Ithink it’s important to know the work you’re going into. This may mean researchingvideos and articles about the hardships of working in Child Protective servicesor about the situations that you find yourself in.

Child Protective Servicesisn’t an easy job. The hours can be long, and the caseloads are overwhelming. Youmust believe in what you do and want to help people. It can be hard to be bothempathetic and objective. I think knowing what you are getting into helps youto steel yourself for the future. Focusing on a goal and letting your cause beyour motivation to push forward.

Knowing when you are getting burnt out andtaking care of yourself is an important factor to help not lose steam. It willalso help the field not to lose more social workers if social workers all learnedhow to regulate themselves when they felt they were getting burnt out. It is essentialthat retain our trained and skilled workers.

Having enough Child ProtectionServices workers and retaining them are essential to the wellbeing of thechildren in our country.

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