Health Care in America

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Health Care in America Name: Course: Date: Health Care in America General Purpose: To compare and offer solutions Specific purpose: The main purpose of this paper is to identify the similarities and differences between the health care systems in Port au Prince in Haiti and health care in poor, urban, minority neighborhoods, in America.

Central Idea: Health care in America is not perfect as the world is led to believe. This is especially true for the poor minority neighborhoods in America. This deficit can be seen from the similarities in the health care system, in Port au prince and American, poor neighborhoods. The similarities in these two environments disapprove the notion of the good quality health care services offered in America. Introduction I. Attention Material Significance of proper health care in a country Most countries do not have proper health care systems the United States included. Others especially in the developed world have an exceptional health care services especially in the developed world The ineffective health care services for the minority population in America.

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Poor Americans lack proper health care. The situation is comparable to the case in Port au Prince in Haiti. Similarities are inherent. Orienting material Americans are unable to get proper medical attention unless they are rich or can afford insurance cover.

Insurance policy should be reviewed to ensure that healthcare is accessible to all especially the minority poor. (Transition: Let us examine the similarities in healthcare between the poor, urban, minority in America and Port au Prince in Haiti) Body I. Similar problems in Health care Elevated poverty levels that make it impossible for the poor to afford medical cover out of pocket.

They have no medical insurance cover mostly because it is expensive. The government cover is insufficient and cannot cater for serious ailments. The two situations share a low life expectancy due to poor accessibility to healthcare services. (Transition: However, these problems have workable solutions.) II. The solutions lie in government’s will to tackle these problems. The first solution would be to adopt a universal cover much like the ones in other developed countries. Insurance companies should take a non-profit approach toward medical insurance cover.

III. Relevance of Solutions Universal cover ensures that medical services are available for every citizen, rich or poor. A non-profit approach toward insurance cover makes it possible for individuals to have access to cheaper policies and subsequently less expensive health care services.

Conclusion I. Summary Health care is vital in a country’s stability. The door to have an accessible health care is by involving the government and insurance sector to achieve a universal health care policy in the country. (Transition: Was your partner’s suggestion helpful to improve your writing? If so, how? If not why? What did you suggest to improve your partner’s writing?) Side Note: My partner was instrumental in improving my writing. My partner suggested employing extensive research to improve the quality of argument.

I suggested a structured approach in writing for cohesion. Reference Rose, W. (2007). The Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care (5 ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

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