Health in internal, the middle score powerful others,

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Last updated: July 24, 2019

HealthHealth is the combination of mental, physical, andspiritual balance. Physical health is very important for overall wellbeingincluding physical activity, diet, Self-care and sleep.

Mental health caninclude a person’s ability to enjoy life, and create effective ways to dealwith feelings even when things are hard. Spiritual health includes a person’sability to understand themselves fully, and to connect with a higher power ifthat’s what they believe is important spiritually.  Health is the state of absolutephysical, mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing. Behaviors or activities Iengage in consistently would be walking, and biking. These behaviors contributeto my physical health and possible mental health for some. Behaviors that I amnot consistent in would be working out, eating healthy, and self-care.

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If Iacted in these behaviors they would be benefiting my mental, and spiritualhealth. I believe that my health status could go under allthree categories of my health being under my control, under control of externalforces, or under the control of a “Higher power”. My health is under my controlphysically because I can choose whether to go to the gym, and eat healthier,and I can also take control in my physical apperance. My health mentally can beunder my control, and the control of others, I control my actions and emotions,but the actions of others can also affect me mentally/ emotionally.

  Spiritual health is controlled by myself, andthrough a “higher Power” as it is a relationship between beings and theuniverse. Based on the Multidimensional Health Locus of ControlQuestionnaire my highest score was in internal, the middle score powerfulothers, and the lowest score being chance. Overall, I wasn’t surprised with myresults. I’ve always been the type of individual with an internal locus ofcontrol, viewing events as results of my own actions  

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