The beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives

By definition the word life means a state of living beings, characterized by growth, reproduction, and response to stimuli; period between birth and death or between birth and the present time. Whether one is religious or not, as individuals in a society we appear to have a very high regard for human life. It is an individual and unique gift granted to every person. Although no two lives are the

The Biblical Teaching

There are many passages in the Bible that can be used as guidelines for making many decisions about various hard choices to do with medical science. If we look at Genesis 1 vs 28, it says “Let us make man in our image”. This means that God makes man, therefore life comes from God, and life is precious to Him. If we are all made in “His” image then we

What Christians believe about life is up to them

AgreeEveryone should have the right to make their own minds up on issues such as abortion without having others people’s views forced upon us. Most people now believe in autonomy, were you have total control over your own life. In Britain today we are living in a secular society, which means we are a non-religious community. Only a small percentage of people in England are Christians so why should they

Human life

All Christians believe that nothing in our experience has the same value as human life. The birth of a child brings great delight, just as the death of someone we love brings great suffering and sadness. In the face of death life becomes very precious. But in spite of all this care for life, violence threatens on all sides. Every age throws up evidence of a gross disrespect for life.

The teachings of Christianity about the sanctity of life in relation to abortion

Abortion is a strongly contested subject with in the different areas of the Christian faith. While some denominations believe that a single sperm or egg is just as important as a fully developed baby, others feel that the legal requirements for a “human” are sufficient. British law states that a foetus cannot be aborted after the 28th week. The Bible however states all human life is sacred and special to

The Handmaids Tale

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: The Handmaids Tale In “The Handmaids Tale” by Atwood Margaret 1986, the narrator by the name, Offred narrates of the ordeals that took place in the establishment of Gilead, a theocratic dictatorship that takes away all women rights. Offred narrates of her daily experiences in the Gilead state that has replaced United States. The Gilead has taken all women rights, denying them a chance to read

The women defines who they are allowed to

The Handmaids Tale is a piece of literature that teaches the reader universal truth as well as life lessons. The novel has been banned in some school for being too offensive to christians and sexuality explicit. Other think the novel should be read by many. The novel brings to light violence against women, can make the reader see the importance of independence and makes the readers question the authority surrounding

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