Hello so on . Stem cell-these are the

Hello dear Minister ofHealth, youasked me about using stem cells. Well, first we’ll figure out what a stem cell is(although I know that you all know it). The human body contains hundreds of different typesof cells that are important to our health. These cells are responsible fordaily support of our vital functions, such as heartbeat, brain function, kidneyblood purification, replacement of our skin cells, and so on . Stem cell-theseare

Various sarcoma 180.[27]Sesquiterpene glycosides, dendroside A and dendronobilosides

Various phytoconstituents obtained fromthe stems of Dendrobium fimbriatum arefimbriatone, confusarin, crepidatin, physcion, rhein, ayapin, scopolin methylether and n-octacostylferulate, fimbriatone which has potential inhibitoryimpacts on BGC cell line 4,7-Dihydroxy-2-methoxy-9,10-dihydrophenanthrene anddenbinobin,  which was isolatedfromDendrobiumnobileLindl were observed tobe cytotoxic against A549 (human lung carcinoma), SK-OV-3 (human ovaryadenocarcinoma), and HL-60 (human promyelocytic leukemia) cell lines. Likewise  it indicated antitumor activities on the lifeexpectancy of ICR mice intraperitoneally embedded with 1 x 10(6) cells ofsarcoma

1.2.5 anti-inflammatory activity in lipopolysaccharide-induced macrophage cells (Shih

1.2.5 BIOASSAYSAntibacterialactivityThetriterpenes present in the crude extract of Euphorbiahirta was isolated by silica gel chromatography to test the antimicrobialproperty of the plant extract. The compound taraxerone and25-hydroperoxycycloart-23-en-3?-ol and 24-hydroperoxycycloart-25-en-3?-ol presentin the crude were obtained to dissolve in ethanol that inhibits the growth of P.aeruginosa and S.aureus (Ragasa andCornelio 2013). The Euphorbia hirta extract,have prominent antibacterial effect against Shigelladysenteriae and Shigella flexneri(Ananthan et al. ,1995)  AntioxidantactivityThe flowerextract of E.hirta was obtained

How Much Sugar is hiding in our fodo

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: How Much Sugar Is Hiding In Our Body? One average, a person takes about 25 teaspoons of added sugar in beverages and food, which is 4 times the recommended amount. Some people tend to take a lot more when they are undergoing stress or tension. However, a sweet tooth, in the end, is fatal. Sugar is a powdered or crystal-like substance that is sweet. It is

Cancer and researchers are coming to the conclusion

Cancer treatments such aschemotherapy or radiation therapy can be detrimental on the patient due totheir high cost, ineffectiveness or side effects. However, multiple studieshave been conducted and researchers are coming to the conclusion that theremight be a way to enhance and make these treatments work better. These studiesare testing the benefits of high dose of intravenous vitamin C when given incombination with standard treatment and how it affects patients’ overallhealth.

Researchers copied and permits the cells to reproduce

Researchersmade a big impact on developing a large number of matching cells to use inlaboratory experiments. There are different cell lines or types, one of thecell line is called HeLa cells which are human cervical cancer cells found atthe top of the vagina and the entrance to the uterus. This was the first humancancer cell to be cultured constantly for experiments and it was refined in1951 from Henrietta Lacks. HeLa

Abstract:Gastric the strongest risk factor of gastric cancer.

Abstract:Gastric cancer (GC) is one of the most common carcinoma and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Helicobacter pylori is a gram-negative, microaerophilic gastric bacterial pathogen that is etiologically linked to human gastric cancer. Chronic infection with Helicobacter pylori cagA-positive strains is the strongest risk factor of gastric cancer. The cagA gene-encoded CagA protein is delivered into gastric epithelial cells via bacterial type IV secretion, where it undergoes

Introduction la culture d’une plante, ou ses qualités

Introduction :La biotechnologie est l’application ou lascience qui s’applique à des organismes vivants des principes des principesscientifiques pour transformer les matériaux vivants ou non vivants pour lebien et les services des humains. Il s’applique sur plusieurs domaines commel’OGM, le clonage et le bébé médicament. C’est toutes les techniques utilisantles êtres vivants après avoir modifié leurs caractéristiques génétiques dans lafabrication industrielle et l’amélioration dans plusieurs domaines comme ex l’agriculture.L’OGM et à

PCa motile and invasive phenotype [30] and make

PCais most common malignancy in men with poor survival rate as diseasesprogressed. We found a positive correlation of EIF4G1 expression with thedisease phenotype in TMA samples as well as with PCa cell line. A similarobservation was made with prostate tissue sections from TRAMP. Overall, wefound the expression of EIF4G1 can distinguish between the indolent andaggressive phenotype of disease and can be served as a tumor marker for betterdisease diagnosis and

Common medical assistant, I can use this knowledge

Common Cancers: 1.      Prostate Cancera.      Prevails in menb.     Hard to detect as it has no early symptomsc.      Grows slowly d.     Treatment includes:                                                               i.      Surgery (remove)                                                            ii.     Radiation                                                           iii.     Medication (hormone treatment)2.      Breast Cancer a.      Prevails in womenb.     Rare in menc.       Treatment includes:                                                              i.     Chemotherapy                                                            ii.     Radiation                                                           iii.     Surgery (remove)3.      Lung Cancer a.      Has no early signsb.     Causes bone, chest, and head painc.       Treatment includes:                                                               i.     Surgery                                                            ii.     Radiation                                                           iii.     Chemotherapy                                                          iv.     Medication                                                            v.     Immunotherapy 4.      Ovarian Cancera.       No clear cause b.     Has 3 times (Epithelial, Stromal, Germ Cell)c.      Most common in women who are 50-60  years oldd.     Treatment includes:                                                               i.     Surgery                                                            ii.      Chemotherapy 5.      Bladder Cancera.      Affects approx.

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