The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act Name: Institution: Instructor: Course: Date: The Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act is a law that was passed to towards the improvement of health care of the American citizens. The law increases access to health coverage. The act also introduces new polices that protect citizens with health insurance. The core aim of the legislation is to improve the health care systems in America. The law

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1.     The incidence of diabetesmellitus is increasing in an alarming rate worldwide. Irrespective ofsocioeconomic status, similar trend has also been observed in India includingUttarakhand where prevalence of diabetes from 1. 2% in an ICMR survey (2008) hasgone up to 5.7% in NPCDCS survey (2012)12.     Diabetes mellitus has been recognized as a risk factor for osteoporosisand fragility fracture where the underlying mechanism is yet to be defined.3.     Although, WHO has defined osteoporosis with respect

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Intermittentfasting for womenIntermittent fasting is a fast growingtrend amongst all. With a little effort and less sweat at the gym, who wouldn’twant to try something easier for a healthy living? So let’s know how it can beyour favourite kind of meal plan too.Whatis intermittent fasting?It is a pattern of eating which allows bodyto burn down the stored fat on daily basis. It involves a fasting period and ameal period. It’s

Insulin blood sugar level is within the safe

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the gland called pancreas with the help of insulin, glucose in the human body is broken down into energy and water, in case of excess glucose, it converts into fat and stored in the body.   Insulin helps to maintain blood sugar at the desirable level. The condition caused when the blood sugar level descends to too low compared to normal level. it is also

Health Promotion Essay

Health Status Improvement The chosen area in the behavioral change project is a ‘reflection’ of the client’s change in diet during the period. The patient’s main goal was to reduce her weight so that she can improve her health status. Notably, she has had Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus that has major cause contributions from an individual’s weight. During the first sessions, it was agreed that she should not eat any

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Näillä vinkeillä valmistaudut matkalle niin että terveys säilyy hyvänä myös matkan aikana. Koko vuoden hartaasti odotettu ulkomaanmatka voi helposti mennä pieleen, jos joku porukasta sairastuu yllättäen kesken reissun. Tuttu maalaisjärki on syytä pitää mielessä myös lomalla.Missä tahansa matkustaa, on terveenä pysyminen kohtuullisen helppoa, kunhan muistaa muutamat perussäännöt syömisestä, juomisesta ja hygieniasta. Matkalle lähdetään aina mahdollisimman terveenä, joten jos sairastaa jo ennen matkaa, on syytä neuvotella hoitavan lääkärin kanssa, kannattaako pitkälle

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