TITTLE: In the Philippines, corncobs are commonly utilized

TITTLE:            Corncob Ash as Fire Retardant for PaintRATIONALEEvery year fire disaster is one of the major problemworldwide. Example of fire disaster is house fire. House fire usually happensin urban, rural places and oftenly in squatter area. Fire is fast and canspread easily, a small flame can turn into a major fire. Some reasons that cancause a house fire are cooking, smoking, electricity and appliances, childrenplaying with fire, flammable liquids such

The importance of Ramadan to Muslims and ways in which it may affect their lives

Sawm is the 4th pillar of Islam and is a religious duty for all Muslims. Muslims are prohibited from eating, drinking, smoking, and engaging in sexual intercourse from dawn (fajr) to sunset (Maghrib). Fasting is a mean of seeking nearness to Allah. One of the aims of fasting is to sympathize with those who are less fortunate and the ones who do not always have food and drink available. Also

The three lobes the right superior, middle and inferior

Therespiratory system provides oxygen to the body’s cells removing carbon dioxide,a waste product that can be lethal if allowed to accumulate. There are threesignificant parts of the respiratory system, the airway, the lungs, and muscle. Theorgans of the respiratory system can be divided functionally into theconducting zone and the respiratory zone. The conducting region is the airway from the nose or mouth down to thebronchioles and is significant site responsible for transporting

Ovarian line the exterior and cavities in the body.

Ovarian cancer illustrates only 1.3percent of newly diagnosed cancer cases every year. (Altshul, 2016). The mostcommon form of this cancer develops by developing in the epithelialcells, cells that exist to line the exterior and cavities in the body. Thesecells can be found on the ovaries, which is where the cancer gets its start. (2018)A lot of the time the tumors that form from the effected cells are notcancerous and never

People’s area regulation. I believe that smoking in public

People’sopinion are divided about the regulation of non-smoking area. Considering somany active smokers  in Indonesia. Thenumber of people who smoke have increase over the years. Smoking becomes commonthing in the world nowdays. We may see many smokers everywhere. Despitedisagreement from some smokers about non-smoking area regulation. I believethat smoking in public place should be banned because it has many negativeeffects. Manysmokers argue that they have the right to be free

1. damage. Cases incorporate assurance against the impacts of

1.     Primary prevention: is worried about keeping the beginning of infection; it means to decrease the occurrence of ailment. It includes intercessions that are connected before there is any confirmation of infection or damage. Cases incorporate assurance against the impacts of an ailment operator, as with inoculation. It can likewise incorporate changes to practices, for example, cigarette smoking or eating regimen. The methodology is to evacuate causative hazard factors (chance

In had either given or received oral sex.

In today’s society sexual contentand language have greatly changed over the years. Young teens making adultdecisions before they are even physically or intellectually ready. Teenagers inCanada and around the world are at great risk due to the media’s influence onsexual behaviour and disease such as aids, stds, and unplanned pregnancy. Eachyear teens are engaging in sexual activities at younger ages and it isdangerous. Due to the increase in access to

Quite whatsoever. Cigarette contains heavy metals such as

Quite a few people smoke cigarettes all around theworld on a daily basis. Although, production and sale of cigarettes contributeto a country’s economy it may actually be argued that should production and saleof cigarettes be made illegal? More and more people are arguing on this topicover the years. For one reasons, cigarette smoke contains 4000+ chemicals whichharm our body. Secondly, cigarette affects our body’s respiratory systemdrastically. Lastly, it financially affects

Parody of a Murder Investigation

The clock chimed twelve in a slow, continuous rhythm. (Except for the last stroke where there was a bong to emphasize the lateness of the hour. ) The guests of Moreton Manor stood awkwardly in silence waiting for the detective to arrive. None of them felt safe, as the body of the butler was lying in the next room. Mrs. Bennett looked uneasily about the room, eyeing the people, looking

Organ him closely for any further deterioration in his

Organ Failure Group Work- Respiratory Assignment- Tara McDonnellQ4.  Give that the patient, who is likely to have tuberculosis, has now become more tachypneic, and that his oxygen levels, following an initial period where they improved, have now become reduced once again, to the readings recorded 12 hours previously, at the presentation stage, suggest that the patient’s condition is worsening. In terms of support, I would begin anti-tuberculosis treatment and start the patient

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