Patient family. She states that her perception of

Patient is M .C, a female Sierra Leonean that lives in Roulette Texas and was born February 6th 1989. Patient birth place is in Sierra Leone and moved to the United States as a child with family. She states that her perception of health is “good”. Past medical history of patient includes allergies to peaches, takes birth control called Cyclafem once per day, and chicken pox in childhood. Also stated

1. can often remain asymptomatic, kidney stone pain is

1.     Appendicitis is the inflammation of the vermiform appendix (D’souza & Nugent, 2016), the clinical presentation of appendicitis includes central abdominal pain that radiates to the right side of the abdomen and worst on palpation. In addition to feeling hungry, nauseous, and vomiting, and having a fever are other common signs and symptoms (Livingston, 2015). There are no clinical signs which could have reliably diagnose appendicitis, as the

1. Mikael, Robin Christensen, and Henning Biddal 2. Purpose

1.     Reference PiaChrisensen, Marius Henriksen, Else M Bartels, Anthony R Leeds, Thomas MeinertLarsen, Henrik Gudbersen, Birgit F Riecke, Arne Astrup, Berit L Heitmann,Mikael, Robin Christensen, and Henning Biddal  2.    Purpose of study Thepurpose of study is aimed to determine the effect of intermittent LED comparedwith daily meal replacements on weight-loss maintenance and number of kneereplacements over 3 years.  3.    Methods or Scope of Study A.1.Obese patients with knee osteoarthritis over 3 years.2. Both Men &

At doing sports and diet on a short period

At present, large numbers of people complain of being overweight. Everyone is aware of the health risks that come with being overweight but it is challenging for people to give up food that they love. If they do not act towards losing weight, diseases such as obesity may occur. There are many real-life examples where obesity has been avoided; As an example from my aunt who weighed over a hundred kilos. She

Green Tea

Name Course: Instructor: Date: Green tea Introduction Green tea is tea made from camellia sinensis leaves only. It is processed through minimal oxidation through a process called steeping. Steeping is brewing the tea in hot water at the recommended temperature that is between eighty-one degrees centigrade’s and eighty-seven degrees centigrade’s for hot temperatures, and between sixty-one degrees centigrade’s and sixty-nine degrees centigrade’s for cool temperatures. Green tea originates from China,

In an invading organism. In Type 1 Diabetes

In 2015, 30.3 million Americans, or 9.4% of the population had some form of Diabetes mellitus (diabetes). Diabetes isn’t just one single disease but rather its a group of diseases with glucose or, sugar, intolerance being the one commonality. Type 1 Diabetes ,commonly referred to as juvenile diabetes, usually affects children and is easily diagnosed because of the symptoms. People today living with Diabetes, live much easier lives because of

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Most commonly  used  welding processes  emit  fumes, gases, electromagnetic radiation,and  noise  as byproducts of  their operation.  During  welding, workers  are  potentially exposed  to  all  of  these agents. The  fumes are chemically  very complex,  arising primarily  from the filler metals  and  any electrode  coatings  or cores.   The  potential exposure  varies with  the  process and  welding conditions employed.Acute exposure to welding fume andgases can result in eye, nose and throat irritation, dizziness and nausea.Workers in the area who experience these symptoms should

Diabetes, it produces. Insulin is a hormone that helps

Diabetes, also called as Diabetes Mellitus is a disease in which the blood glucose levels or blood sugar levels are too high.Diabetes occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, or when the body cannot use the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose to pass into the cells from the blood stream. No production of insulin or not using it effectively leads

Thermal to 350°C), maximum weight loss of 78.2%

Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) was usedto characterize the thermal behaviour of biomass derived molecules. Results ofthe thermal analysis of silica extracted from paddy straw powder has beenpresented in Fig. 4a, which shows the TG (thermogravimetric) curve indicatingpercent weight loss in relation to temperature of degradation. Herein, the separatedsilica was heated at a temperature range of 25°C to 500°C in nitrogenatmosphere. TGA curve (Fig. 4a) indicates that the amount of typical

Hemorrhagic it was suspected it would become airborne but

Hemorrhagic fevers are multiple viral illnesses in a group. The group is responsible for illnesses such as Ebola,marburg, lassa fever and yellow fever viruses. Also called VHF’s can be fatal. The VHF’s may be different illnesses, but these viruses have many common symptoms that are very crucial. The symptoms include damage to blood vessels and damage to organs. When the body’s organs are damaged the body loses its ability to

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