Over biggest concern humanity is facing due to

Over the years, humanity has been facing a number of issues that needs to be recognized as a serious problem and a major priority. Society has been struck with a plague that has claimed the lives of thousands of people worldwide and of all age groups. World hunger is the biggest concern humanity is facing due to the lives that were lost from starvation due to poverty and warring nations

Almost are expose to eating disorders and some

Almost 2.8million people die every single year because of overweight and obesity, thisfact is stated by World Health Organisation (WHO).Overweight individuals realisedthat they are in fatal danger and exposed to many health problems and theystudied about fitness routines and work on tips on how to lose their weight. Sincethere are tons of articles in how to lose weight, some facts about weight losshave been changed and modified so that the

Want higher insulin levels which results in increased

Want to lose weight?? Stop eating carbs.Sounds familiar!! Of Course it does, so-called fitness experts stop at nothing to try and prove carbs to be the root of everything evil in the world. From obesity to inflammation to cancer and what not. Truth however cannot be further.When it comes to obesity, low carbers think insulin to be the main culprit and often point to the ‘carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis’ to validate their

Picky Eater

Every parent nightmare is finding out that they have a picky eater on their hands, which can be a pain In the butt half the time. Some days It Is either they only want certain types of food or they just decide that they do not want to eat at all, so you have to basically find creative ways tricking them into eating what has been prepared that they see

Signs and symptoms

Prostate cancer may not show or cause any signs and symptoms in the early stages of development. The symptoms may appear if the tumor makes the prostate gland to enlarge, to an extent that it starts to press the urethra. This makes it difficult to pass the urine, and the patient may want to pass the urine more frequently. The symptoms are often similar to those of benign prostaticn hyperplasia

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