Teenage Pregnancy

Abortion from a Christian point of view

Abortion in Christianity is mostly considered to be wrong (especially in Catholicism) but is said to be right under some particular circumstances:A Christian may argue that ‘God gave humans freewill to choose, does the law have the right to take that freewill away from a woman?’ This statement is basically explaining that if God has given us freewill, why cannot the woman do what she wants for her own good

How useful are Kantian ethics for drawing conclusions about abortion

Kant’s belief was that we should act for the sake of the action, not for an ulterior motive. Laws should be universal, and we should follow them out of a sense of duty. By doing this we are following our own intrinsic goodness. So why was it so important to Kant to defend the need for his theory?In 1788, Immanuel Kant, (a deontologist), laid a new foundation for ethics and

Why Abortion Is Wrong Essay

The construct of abortion up to this twenty-four hours is invariably being argued in political relations. Is abortion incorrect? Does the female parent truly hold a say in whether or non she keeps the babe? Some politicians would reason yes ; the female parent has absolute control on what she wants to make with her organic structure. Others would reason no ; this violates many things in our American authorities.

When that is based on natural science is the

When it comes to abortion there isalways much hostility when discussing the topic. Abortion is the deliberatetermination of a human pregnancy. This procedure often done when 28 weekspregnant. Many peopleconsider abortion to be cruel and an act of murder. Although some will advocatefor abortions, those who have religious beliefs will say that no one but God hasthe right to take someone’s life. Those who support abortion do not consider anunborn

Today and law, have been severely blurred. People often

Today the distinction between thetwo categories of morality and law, have been severely blurred. People oftenmake the mistake of believing if they are following the laws of the land theyare also of good moral character.  Truthof the matter, law and moral are related but in one way twins. Pollock (2017)simplifies morals to the principles of right and wrong (p.8) But law fall in agray area because they are man-made and

The beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives

By definition the word life means a state of living beings, characterized by growth, reproduction, and response to stimuli; period between birth and death or between birth and the present time. Whether one is religious or not, as individuals in a society we appear to have a very high regard for human life. It is an individual and unique gift granted to every person. Although no two lives are the

The Biblical Teaching

There are many passages in the Bible that can be used as guidelines for making many decisions about various hard choices to do with medical science. If we look at Genesis 1 vs 28, it says “Let us make man in our image”. This means that God makes man, therefore life comes from God, and life is precious to Him. If we are all made in “His” image then we

What Christians believe about life is up to them

AgreeEveryone should have the right to make their own minds up on issues such as abortion without having others people’s views forced upon us. Most people now believe in autonomy, were you have total control over your own life. In Britain today we are living in a secular society, which means we are a non-religious community. Only a small percentage of people in England are Christians so why should they

Human life

All Christians believe that nothing in our experience has the same value as human life. The birth of a child brings great delight, just as the death of someone we love brings great suffering and sadness. In the face of death life becomes very precious. But in spite of all this care for life, violence threatens on all sides. Every age throws up evidence of a gross disrespect for life.

The teachings of Christianity about the sanctity of life in relation to abortion

Abortion is a strongly contested subject with in the different areas of the Christian faith. While some denominations believe that a single sperm or egg is just as important as a fully developed baby, others feel that the legal requirements for a “human” are sufficient. British law states that a foetus cannot be aborted after the 28th week. The Bible however states all human life is sacred and special to

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