Healthcare above (EUR 4.0 thousand per inhabitant), whereas France,

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Last updated: August 18, 2019

Healthcare expenditure worldwide     Healthcare systems varies from country to another even in the same economic level category of countries. Thus, healthcare expenditure cosenquently varies according to two main factors. The first factor is the healthcare system and the second is the economic level.

  (Schubert, 2014;Tobing, 2011).For instance, studing the EU member States have revealed that healthcare spending in Germany was EUR 321 billion in 2014 which was the hightest value among the EU Member States, repesenting 11.0 % of the GDP of the country (Fazaeli et al.

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, 2016).  The second greatest rank was France in which healthcare expenditure recorded (EUR 237 billion), after which  the United Kingdom came with (EUR 223 billion). Focusing on healthcare expenditure percentage out of GDP, alike Germany, Netherlands was ( 11.

1 %), followed by France and Sweden (both 10.9 %) as the four Member States with the highest ratios. In contrast, healthcare expenditure recorded less than 6.5 % of GDP in Poland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia and Estonia. Romania was the lowest ratio which represented (5.1 %).Considering the per capita healthcare expenditure ( expenditure versus population). Healthcare expenditure in Luxembourg was the highest among the EU Members, recordeing (EUR 5.

6 thousand per inhabitant) and Sweden (EUR 5.0 thousand per inhabitant) in the same year; it is astonitioning to note that Luxembourg had the uppermost per capita ratio given that it recorded one of the lowest ratios of healthcare expenditure to GDP. Moreover, Netherlands, Ireland, and Denmark were the only other EU Member State to allocated above (EUR 4.0 thousand per inhabitant), whereas France, Finland, Belgium, and Austria  each represented a ratio about (EUR 3.5 thousand to EUR 4.0 thousand per inhabitant).

On the other hand, there were more than seven EU Member States that allocated amount  less than EUR 1.0 thousand per inhabitant in 2014. The lowest levels of expenditure per inhabitant were recorded in Romania (EUR 388 per inhabitant) and Bulgaria (EUR 504 per inhabitant) (Jung and Liu Streeter, 2015).

These disparities were fewer after adjusting for price differences, by showing expenditure in purchasing power standards (PPS). Take as an illustration, Netherlands (PPS 3.8 thousand per inhabitant), Germany (PPS 3.9 thousand per inhabitant) and Luxembourg (PPS 4.1 thousand per inhabitant).

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