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Last updated: June 12, 2019

Hello my name is Tenzin Jangchup, recently I have been reading The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan. I would rate this book a 9 out of 10, and this is one of the better books he’s written because it’s part of the “Heroes of Olympus” collection. In this book Jason, Percy, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel, and Annabeth go on separate quests to save the world from Gaea. While finishing their separate quests  Percy and Annabeth fall into a pit which leads straight down to the pits of Tartarus, and rest of them now go try to save them. That’s why this is one of the better book Rick Riordan has written, with this interesting and twisting plot. The way this book was written was interesting, because it would switch from one perspective to another each chapter telling the story through multiple people’s eyes.

This style of reading was effective in pulling me in and helped me understand the story better because I knew how each person handled each situation and how they think of other people. Rick Riordan kinda improved on this book by adding more action then the last, in this book unlike the last two has many areas in the book where the action starts building up leading to climax in which the characters involved in the problem have to solve and each problem has many possible outcomes which could lead to the destruction or safety of the world. In each problem the author introduces many monsters or gods in Greek and Roman mythology which helped me stay focused and kept me reading because I am a big fan of any type of mythology and always seems to amaze me. In this book there are many types of conflicts like character vs character, character vs self, character vs society, and character vs nature for example there is demigod vs demigod, in the story Hazel one of the main characters in the story has issues with herself  because she came back to life even though she died decades ago as a kid because her dad is Pluto god of the underworld and gave her another chance in life and she has low self esteem, Greek demigods are discriminated in the roman society because they think they are beneath them, and in the main story the main characters have to go against Gaea which is nature and earth itself. That’s why this book was interesting because of all theses different things. In this book Rick Riordan introduced more characters than the last.

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Some of these were more interesting than the others like Bacchus who was once a demigod and child of Jupiter and when he died he became the god of wine. In this book he had changed form because the Greek and roman versions of the gods were fighting each other for control because there was  a problem going on in Olympus. Bacchus is interesting because he changes his mind in the most critical moments like when the main characters went to go ask for his aid in battle with the titans he said he wouldn’t help them which made you think how the main characters would overcome this big obstacle because without a god a demigod is incapable of killing a titan, but later on in the book Bacchus asked for a tribute to him for his help, which led to the main characters tributing a boat filled with diet coke which made him change his mind and help them.

That is why Bacchus is one of the more interesting characters Rick Riordan introduces. Throughout the book the heroes face many conflicts which could impact the outcome of the world and the patch they take, for an example on page 131 Percy and Jason the two strongest demigods in the series were possessed by ghosts from the underworld. The ghosts which were controlling Jason and Percy threatened to attack each other killing one of the hero’s body unless Piper Jason’s girlfriend picks one to save so both of them don’t die but one of them does, because Piper is late to respond the two heroes start to attack each other in this battle Percy is at a disadvantage because there is no water around him so his control over water is useless but Jason has the upper hand because he has the ability to control the winds and lightning, and with this power Jason in the middle of the fight with Percy summons a bolt of lightning to strike Percy luckily Percy somehow survives the strike which would render anyone else dead and on the ground but not only that Percy healed from the strike and came back up to strike Jason with his sword Riptide. Thankfully because of Piper’s power of charm speak she makes the two ghosts which are controlling the two heroes to stop fighting and leave them alone. Also in page 435 Annabeth who has gone on her own solo quest to find the lost statue of Athena. Which thankfully she did. Sadly when she had found the statue she had arrived there with a broken ankle and no tool or help to move the statue out, but not only that she met Arachne a woman who was turned into a hideous spider like monster because Annabeth’s mother Athena was jealous of her skills. Thankfully since Annabeth’s mother is the goddess of wisdom she was smart and talked her way out of Arachne killing her and had Arachne trapped in her own trap and retrieved the statue of Athena with the help of the other main characters who had destroyed the ceiling of the building she was in and helped her out.

Those are some of the many conflicts in The Mark of Athena.This book has many things like action, conflict, plot twists, and tragedy. As what happens in the end is very tragic. In the end of this book Annabeth and Percy fall into a hole which leads to the pits of Tartarus because Annabeth’s ankle was wrapped with Arachne’s web and since Arachne fell into the pit first later on Annabeth also fell into the pit and Percy fell with Annabeth to help her and they both ended up going to Tartarus. Due to the new problem the remaining main characters on earth have to postpone their quest to save the world to save Percy and Annabeth because they can’t save the world without them and they have to go to the doors of death to due so. That was one of the couple different plot twists in this story.I think Rick Riordan’s aim in this book were for people of all ages.

In this story he does not use inappropriate language or scenes, but uses euphemism to change some horrible things to another way of saying it so it doesn’t sound so bad. He added more genres and like I’ve said before plot twists these plot twists are easy to understand so you know when it happens and because of these plot twists it’s more fun to read the book and keeps me locked on to the book so I don’t lose focus. Those are reasons why I think this book was meant for all ages.

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