Hercules idea of dealing justice was simple, but

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Hercules and Theseus are uniquely distinct from one another based on their duties, obstacles, and successes. The gods assist both of them while they accomplish massive tasks; however, their personal natures, lives, and intelligence are not similar in means. To begin with, Theseus is mild-mannered.  He remains tranquil throughout his struggles, and deals with transgression fairly, “His idea of dealing justice was simple, but effective: what each had done to others, Theseus had done to him.” Hercules, conversely, is hot-tempered and passionate, constantly one to act rapidly and carelessly.

The personalities and attributes of both Theseus and Hercules can be regarded as being almost opposites.Secondly, Hercules holds only the brief, inevitable wrath of Hera, whereas Theseus completes the destiny that he brought upon himself by marrying Phaedra. Hercules is punished by Hera, for being an illegitimate child of Zeus. He becomes plagued by the madness that the angered goddess sends him while slaughtering his wife and three sons. This pushes Hercules to do his 12 labors, which he is most known for.

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Then again, Theseus is brought up in his mom’s home while his dad sits tight a far distance, waiting for the day in which his child will present to him his sword and shoe from underneath a stone. He sets out on the excursion, clearing the street of murderous people and slaughtering the Minotaur. At that point, Theseus sets up the principal Democratic government for Athens, and it is for these three assignments that he is most broadly known.Lastly, Theseus has greater intelligence than Hercules, while Hercules is shown to have greater strength. Both intelligence and strength are key characteristics in ensuring one’s survival.

Without each other’s complementary traits, neither would have endured the difficult obstacles laid before them. Theseus, with his great intellect, demonstrated acts of knowledge by establishing the democratic government of Athens and his inventive way of tracking himself in the maze with yarn. Hercules however, showed his immense ability of strength by strangling two snakes as a baby and as an adult, he strangled the Nemean lion. With regards to intelligence and strength, both qualities are interdependent.

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