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Last updated: April 17, 2019

Here are 3 long weekend ideas for you to have a fantastic time, all without leaving Singapore!LONG WEEKEND – the two words most of us office workers love to hear (next to “year-end bonus”).

Well, 2018 sees a bumper crop of long weekends – up to 8 if you can plan well! With most public holidays this year falling on a Tuesday, you can easily wring out 4 long weekends by taking a strategic off-day on Monday!Public Holidays in 2018Feb 16 & 17, Fri & Sat Chinese New YearMarch 30, Fri Good FridayMay 1, Tues Labour DayMay 29, Tues Vesak DayJune 15, Fri Hari Raya PuasaAug 9, Thurs National DayAug 22, Wed Hari Raya HajiNov 6, Tues DeepavaliDec 25, Tues Christmas DayBut this year, why not avoid the hassle of planning, flying and over-rated travel? We found things to do in Singapore and came come up with 3 unique itineraries for a long weekend you won’t soon forget:1. The “Maximum Chill” Long Weekend Images via V Hotel, Yunomori Onsen, Palm Ave Float ClubDay 1Always in work mode and can’t seem to switch off? A good break goes a long way in getting you recharged, refreshed and productive. Here’s a long weekend to melt your senses. Book a stay at the comfortably-furnished V Hotel Lavender just above Lavender MRT. Chill at the spacious Sky Terrace with a pool, gym and alfresco café. Then head to Yunomori Onsen & Spa at Kallang Wave Mall.

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 This tranquil hot spring gives you anything from deeply cleansing Silk Baths to skin-tightening Soda Spas. Then follow it up with a soul-soothing Aroma Massage to work up your appetite for Japanese fare that includes grilled saba and onsen eggs. Get a Spa & Onsen package to easily spend a full afternoon pampering yourself. Day 2To complete the long weekend retreat, why not reset your mind and body with Flotation Therapy at Palm Ave Float Club in Kampong Bugis? You step into your personal pod straight out of a sci-fi movie. Salt water lets you float (the good kind of salty).

And with the lights off, you’ll feel like you’re drifting effortlessly into outer space. This meditative state is said to relieve stress, clear your mind, deeply relax muscles, give you a natural high and much more. After you’re done transcending, top off those new perspectives and good vibrations with some strong coffee or drinks.

There’s a host of great cafes and bars in Lavender. Think Chye Seng Huat Hardware, The Bravery, Druggists, etc. Try this long weekend plan, and we believe you’ll be raring to go when work resumes. 2. The “Introvert’s Paradise” Long WeekendImages via Lloyd’s Inn, NParksDay 1Say you’re not big on crowds, noise nor parties. Your dream partner for a long weekend is whatever book you’ve got in your hands.

Well, there are plenty of things to do in Singapore for introverts at heart. It starts with a stay at the gorgeously minimal Lloyd’s Inn on Oxley Road. Lloyd’s Inn is a short walk from Orchard, yet hidden enough amongst lush greenery to feel like a sanctuary. A turn of the page, a glance out your window to the trees… there’s a high chance you may not want to leave your room. Heck, they even have a room called “The Reading”!After a lovely day with your book, venture out at night to the Science Centre’s Observatory for some magical stargazing. It’s one of the few observatories located next to the Equator, so you can expect a view that’s astronomically lit when you peek through their telescope.

It opens every Friday night from 7:45pm to 10pm, except on public holidays. So be sure to plan ahead!But hey, the night’s not over. Why not explore popular 24-hour Japanese retail chain Don Don Donki at Orchard Central without the ridiculous crowds? Lloyd’s Inn is a short distance away. Visit in the dead of night to stock up on reading sustenance like hugely-discounted matcha kit-kats, cup noodles and transparent milk teas – in peace and quiet.Day 2Greet the sunrise in the serene Dipping Pool or lovely Garden Deck at Lloyd’s Inn. Then gear up for a quiet solo adventure at the nearby Fort Canning Park. Take an Ancient History Trail where you’ll learn of the Golden Age of Singapore in the 14th century or the many fascinating herb and spice plants in the park’s Spice Garden. Here lies many stories written by nature for you to discover.

Bring a picnic mat and snacks from your previous night’s raid of Don Don Donki. Pick a shady spot. Take your time to reflect in this green haven till you’re ready to return to the real world.

How’s that for an ideal escape? 3. The “I Lub You BB” Long WeekendImages via The Warehouse Hotel, Po, Marina Bay Sands, Mud Rock CeramicsDay 1 Aka the “2 Become 1” or the “Let’s BTO, dear” long weekend, this getaway is all about romance. Tease your partner with a stay at the swanky and very sexy Warehouse Hotel on Havelock Road.

As you would know by now, this 37-room boutique hotel is an immensely Instagrammable spot. A River View Room overlooking the Singapore River’s quite a treat. But why not go big and book the stunning Mezzanine room that has a reading library and wildly inviting king-sized bed.Head for comfort food at the hotel’s flagship restaurant, Po, with well-loved classics like kueh pie tee and popiah elevated to surprising levels.

Grab a few “B.B. King” cocktails at the classy Lobby Bar – a seductive mix of banana whisky, smoked maple syrup and barbeque bitters. That’ll be a splendid lead-on to your night’s main event: a show at Marina Bay Sands’ Grand Theatre. 2018 sees the Broadway hit Evita and everyone’s favourite animated story The Lion King reach our shores as unmissable musical spectacles. We’re sure emotions will be at an all-time high – fuel to the fire for a passionate night. Day 2Sleep in, wrapped in each other’s arms till you’re ready to rise for brunch.

Right across the river from Warehouse Hotel is Kith Café. There, you both can take your time raving about last night’s unforgettable experience, while sipping your flat whites and tucking into poached eggs and avocados. When you’re ready, head to a pottery class at ceramic studio Mud Rock. Be introduced to this sensuous, intimate craft, where you’ll learn to patiently mould and eventually fire humble clay into (hopefully) works of art. You’re unlikely to complete your first ceramic wares in just one lesson, but there are unique handmade tea cups, plates and bowls, which you can bring home for a fitting conclusion to your romantic long weekend.So, looks like there can be plenty of things to do in Singapore on a long weekend…Whether you’re out on a nature trail or finding spa bliss, it’s easy to stay connected and share your favourite moments – our mobile plans give you free, unlimited data every Saturday and Sunday! So why not try any of our ideas and have yourself a weekend to remember! 

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