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HG Wells was born Herbert George Wells in Bromley, England. HG was born in 1866 and died in 1946 in London, he was an incredibly famous English writer, best known for his science fiction novels. Some of his most famous works have been converted into other mediums, such as movies or have been broadcast over the radio, which was more popular in the earlier part of the 20th century, before the dawn of the personal television. HG’s parents were civil servants who later became small time business owners, growing up HG was under the constant threat of poverty. As an adolescent HG did not receive a proper education, however, the semblance of knowledge he did have was developed through his intense love of reading, some of his authors of choice were Dickens, Swift, and several key figures from the Enlightenment.

From the age of 14 to 18 he was apprentice/assistant to several employers to help pay the family bills. When he was 18 years old he won an academic scholarship to study the field of Biology at a school that would later become the Royal College of Science, where he would graduate in 1888. Shortly after he graduated, he became a teacher, then came upon some adversity, where he became sick for awhile and once again he was in financial turmoil, this caused a divide to arise between his current wife at the time, which was his cousin.

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This first marriage of his, with his cousin, did not last it ended in 1894, when HG ran off with one of his former students and married her a year later. The first actual written work that was published by HG was a biology textbook in the year 1893. The first actual novel that HG had published was The Time Machine, published in 1895, it was a smash hit, and showed the public that he had to the potential to be an entirely original author with a plethora of ideas. Some have considered HG Wells to be one of the first dystopian writers, because of his science fiction style of writing, with many of his books taking place in a futuristic and or post apocalyptic world. HG published many other works during his lifetime, he had several collected editions that had several of his smaller works in one place.

While he had published several works during his career, his two biggest works were The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds. As a child the parents of HG were afraid that he would die at a young age, in a similar fashion to that of his older sister who did die at a young age. When HG was a seven year old there was an incident, that left HG trapped in his bed for several months, which during this time he discovered his love of reading. After the first World War, HG Wells was adamant that there would be another global scale conflict, just as bad as the one that had just finished or worse. This belief caused him to run for political office in the early 1920s, twice and for both of them he was not elected, for his stance was that there needed to be a single world government, something stronger than the League of Nations, to prevent global conflict. Herbert George Wells did not receive a formal education until he attended university, at the age of 18 on a fellowship. He went to school for a science degree, which he received and briefly held a job in that field that inspired him to become a writer for science fiction.

HG was able to predict the second World War and advocated for a world government prior to the creation of the UN. HG Wells has inspired many people and helped influence the world around him.

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