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Last updated: May 18, 2019

higuys how’s it going in today’s video I wanted to chitchat with you about onlineshopping and just go over my five tips on how to have a better online shoppingexperience so let’s jump right into it so tip number one would be to step awayfrom the card so if you’ve ever liked me then whatever your online shoppingyou’re just adding literally everything to your cart and then usually I’ll gothrough after and start weeding out like what I don’t actually want but I findit’s much much better to do that so yeah not everything to your cart we knowwhat you don’t want and then step away step away from your computer go makeCenter you know go do whatever go out with your friends and then come back laterand then come back and say do I really need any of this stuff and honestly halfthe time when I do step away I totally forget about everything that I did putin my cart and I’m like wow I really didn’t need any of that stuff anyways andI won’t even edifying anything but if you do come back and there’s still thoseone or two pieces that you’re thinking about and you know you really want themso go ahead and purchase those but honestly I find this is such a good thing todo because it really makes you realize if you do need any of that stuff or ifyou don’t because half the time it’s just fun to just throw things in your cartand then pretend like you’re shopping so it’s just a really good test to seefor yourself if you really need those pieces or not so I would highly recommenddoing that the next time your online shopping just step away for a couple hoursand then come back and see if you even want it so so tip number two would be todo your research and this is so important with online shopping there are somany online stores so many options available but if you’re unfamiliar with the companythat it’s so important to do your research and make sure that your money isbeing well spent so I have totally been ripped off by a company before and nowI am super aware and I will always do heavy-duty research before buyinganything from a store that I’m unfamiliar with so there’s a few good optionsonline for checking out stores one of the ones that I really like is the BetterBusiness Bureau so if you searched up a store or a company on there usuallythey have a rating and those are all from customer reviews you can see all thenegative reviews you can see positive reviews and then you can see how thecompany responded to those so that’s a really great ways to do your research ona company just to see how their customer services there’s no we’re feeling afeeling like your money was not well spent or you felt cheated by a company soit’s so important to do your research before you make any sort of commitmentwith your hard-earned money so my third tip would be to know your body and knowwhat works for you like for me personally I never ever ever buy pants onlinebecause I am tall and my tips are a little bit bigger so I’m not something thatI really like to try on in person make sure that it fits properly I willviolate something a little bit slower because I know that those will fit but ifit’s like a tight pair of jeans that I’m not going to risk buying them onlinebecause I know chances are they probably won’t fit properly and I don’t want tohave to go through the whole hassle of like returning something and shipping itback so that’s definitely something to keep in mind when you’re shopping onlineyour height your size and just thinking okay what are the chances that thiswill fit me properly before you go in and make the purchase if it’s a storethat I really know well and I’ve gotten multiple things from them in the pastand I know it fits properly then I have no problem but if it’s someone I haven’tordered from before I’m always really skeptical so I’d rather just not so justbe aware of stuff like that and that will make your online shopping experiencea little bit better if you know what’s going to fit you and what’s not so tipnumber four would be to use the search feature this is something that I justrecently started doing and I’m like obsessed with it so I try now to shop morewith a list in mind instead of just going on websites and browsing throughabsolutely everything because that’s a great way to buy some stuff that youreally don’t need so when you have a list of things that you really want thenyou’re not overspending and you’re just adding what you actually need to yourwardrobe so I find using the search bar like say I was on the hunt for a blackpencil skirt then I would search black skirt and see what popped up and I’ll goto all my favorite stores and see what’s popping up there and then I’ll narrowit down to my favorite from there just a really great way to avoid the wholebrowsing and adding everything to your cart is really take advantage of thesearch feature it’s so good you will not regret that and my last tip tip numberfive is to know where the company is and know where you are because I live inCanada so I like to shop online from a lot of stores in the States but it absolutelysucks because chances are I’m going to have to pay customs on that as well soI’m not just going to buy like one top from somewhere and then have to beshipping and then have to be customs because by the end of it it’s like doublethe price that I actually paid for it so definitely not worth it like I recentlybought a dress and a pair of shoes online and I paid for how much I create forshipping but then I also had to pay fifty three dollars in customs alone and Iwas just like wow that was not for this so know where you’re living know whereshipping from and a lot for that within your budget and make sure it’sworthwhile to get to you in the end so those are my five tips for shopping onlineand let me help you guys how many Clips yourselves I would love to hear themand chat with you guys in the comments below let’s otherwise I will see you inmy next video bye  

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