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Last updated: August 3, 2020

My first-year twelvemonth of high school was chilling. Two rival centers schools coming together to do one first-year category did non look like the best thought. the categories were harder.

and the emphasis degrees were higher. In 8th class I was so aroused to be in high school. but one time I got at that place I could non wait for that twelvemonth to be over.

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Then I realized I still had three more long school old ages in front of me.Don’t acquire me incorrect. I had plentifulness of merriment times first-year twelvemonth. I met so many new people and made a batch of new friends. The bulk of my friends so are still my friends now. But I was ready to turn up. I think every adolescent thinks like this at one point or throughout every twelvemonth of high school.

Most adolescents are ready to travel from place and get down a new and more independent life in college during most old ages of high school. I know that I thought this manner for rather erstwhile. I thought that life in college would be a million times more eventful than life in high school.Sophomore and junior twelvemonth were besides similar to first-year twelvemonth. Friendships became stronger. categories were go oning to acquire more hard.

and even though I involved myself more in extracurricular activities. I was ready to acquire out of town and get down college more than of all time. I had picked out my dream school and already had so many programs for my first-year twelvemonth of college.

But alternatively of clip rushing up like I wished it would. it felt like it was decelerating down.Summer traveling into senior twelvemonth I began acquiring bored with the town and I felt like I was ever stating “there is nil to make here.

” I thought I needed more adventure and was going tired of merely traveling through the gestures. Although I felt like that so. a few hebdomads into senior twelvemonth my mentality had wholly changed.Even though senior twelvemonth has been the toughest twelvemonth yet. my category has created a civilization.

There is so many things that define us as a category and set us apart from everyone else. From traditions started at football games. to the things that we do as a group. we have created our ain civilization and individuality. I have realized that even though I have wanted the past three old ages to wing by. all I want is for this twelvemonth to decelerate down.My friends and I have all created highly close bonds and we have become about like a household.

I feel like throughout the past three old ages I have taken a batch of things for granted and have non truly appreciated all the memories I have had that came from good experiences. I have learned non to take any particular minutes for granted because I could look back on these yearss and retrieve all of the good times and how much I enjoyed my senior twelvemonth.At times I regret desiring to turn up so fast because I know now that these are some of the best times of my life and I wish I would hold appreciated them earlier. Although I do repent that.

I’m thankful I get to pass this twelvemonth with every individual one of my closest friends. I still have a long clip to do memories. but as the expression goes. “time flies when you’re holding merriment.

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