Hinduism beliefs is what makes the religion distinctive.

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Last updated: September 9, 2019

Hinduism it is the same with its believes in the pastand present.  Their numerous beliefs iswhat makes the religion distinctive.

Braham is recognized as the eternalidentity also known as Atman which is the soul to my understanding. Hinduism isa religion that is followed by various myths and sacred stories. Hinduism nevertheless does not believe in oneaccountable creation system. Moksa is the ultimate goal of the Hindus which isto get to have great karma.  It was alsointeresting to me how they believe in reincarnation but I still don’t understandthe concept.

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  Do you come back as a newbaby?  Or is it that your soul just staysin the air floating around like a lost soul. The six Darshanas are: Vaisheshika which teaches the concept ofphysics especially atomic theory, Nyaya which teaches about logic andknowledge, Sankhya, which describes and teaches about physics and metaphysics, Yoga,which focuses on spiritual practice, Mimamsa, which teaches about Rituals andpractices and lastly Vedanta, which is a deeper teaching of metaphysics. Allthe six Darshans are all very important characteristics that are important for Hinduism.Together these vital stages for Hindus have significant rituals whichadditionally assist in receiving good karma.

Good Karma is something that is respectableand comfortable in overall for your life.  Hinduismhas a code of moral conduct and regardless of the good or the ugly. In Hinduismpeople come together for different purposes within their lives. The words theysay and the things they do tend to follow a certain array each time they aretogether. They have worship and devotion time. Somethings that were interestingto me where the different types of symbols that they use like the Aum orOm which is a sacred symbols in Hinduism.

 Hindu Gods and Goddesses are sometimes referred to as Aumkar whichmeans a form of Aum. My understanding from the reading so far is that wecreate our lives from our desires.  Dharmais described as living a life that is acceptable to the society you livein.  Live a life of peace and harmony andyou will have a happy soul.    

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