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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Historical Memorials The Holocaust memorial built in Berlin Germany by architect Peter Eisenman is larger and far more sophisticated than the memorial built by Dani Karavan for the Roma and the Sinti (Quigley, paragraph 3). Though Karavan’s memorial includes the Gypsies plus the gays and lesbians, Eisenman’s memorial is far much bigger. It is better to have different memorials built in separate or close places than have all of them merged into one major building. This brings out the different aspects of history being portrayed and signifies that the incidences being remembered are separate. Such diversity is also good for tourism purposes since it attracts more tourists who now have more to view.

The underground place of information, referred to as the “ort” in German was a good idea during the construction of the memorial since it houses a list of all people believed to have perished during the Holocaust. The initial title given to the memorial does not fully represent the diversity of how Jews perished during the holocaust. Other Jews died from among other reasons accidents and diseases. The title of the memorial should therefore be changed to a more inclusive phrase like, “for all Jews died during the Holocaust in Europe”. The reason why there is a holocaust museum in Washington but no memorial for genocide and slavery victims in the U.

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S is lack of willingness from the government to undertake such a project. Black Americans who were also the major victims of genocides and slavery are viewed as inferior due to racial segregation. Emmaly Reed who survived the holocaust after twelve years of torture at Dachau concentration camp is a symbolism of the relief the Jews felt after the holocaust ended (SonofSaxon paragraph 1).

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