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Historical win by Amina Kuta in Nigerian gubernatorial raceIf you want to hear about her, the first you would want to know is background she is coming from, where she went to school, what was her childish looked like, her movements and what was her parents looked onto her  and all that of Amina Kuta are of interest going into it if you want to know the truth. Kuta was born into a polygamous family of a father and several wives in the town of Hunkuyi in Nigeria where her mother was her father’s third wife.

She moved with her the to the capital of neighbouring Kano State and became an established cloth trader. Despite the initial hardships the young Kuta faced as the child of a single mother, support and motivations from the community around them enabled her to find a scholarship to study at the Federal Government Girls’ College, Owerri in Southeastern Nigeria, and later a place to study Urban and Regional Planning at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU). After her studies in the university, she was able to find a job working for the Kano city government.

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After a time passed, she wanted to further her studies and went back to ABU where she was able to pursue postgraduate studies and became a professor and a researcher in the west Africa.It was during this time that Kuta felt to looked to as a leader where she took action to save a school girl from early marriage from her former place Hunkuyi. The girl’s education was been sponsored by her mother while her new mother arranged her for marriage in order to settle their family’s debts. As Kuta sees potential in girls and women, she walked to traditional courts seeking help to fight against the situation of the girl and become inspired to change the life trajectories of young  women across the state.It has never happened in the history of Nigeria; a first woman was elected as a state governor.

It was Amina Kuti at 45 who beat the outgoing Aliyu Gamba for the position of the Northern Nigeria’s Kaduna state with 55% of the votes. During Gamba’s concession speech, he claimed that Kuta’s triumph on the election that there was religion factors, and the debates during the campaign supported her since there were expression of the position of women in the societies. He was wondering on how could development come to be since the region battled with low education rate for a long time. He thought that the election was unfair as much support came from young people and women that made Kuta to win the election. But, Kuta’s speech after her victory, expressed her thanks to the young people and women who mostly voted for her and promised to work with all stakeholders.

She confessed how important is education which positions her in the level she is, her achievements and looking onto giving opportunity to young women so that they could drive change to success. During her campaigns she promised to free education at all levels of education, increased opportunities for young women and women in industries and local government, and investment in small- and medium-sized enterprises.Finally, the president of Nigeria Omonigho Odafe congratulated her for being elected as a new governor while saying that all the eyes are on her and on them and he sees her as a new path for women, the northern side of the country and Nigeria as a whole.  

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