History 150 Exam 1 Pt. 2

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Last updated: May 8, 2019
Human beings evolved in….?
Sub-Saharan Africa

The defining elements of civilization include all of the following except.

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…..-Great Stone Pyramids-Developed Agriculture-Cities-Domesticated Animals

Great Stone Pyramids

The chief rivers of ancient Mesopotamia were..


The Tigris and the Euphrates

The earliest known civilization of Mesopotamia was….?

Which of the following was NOT true about Sumerian life?-Nomadic wandering, taking care of flocks-Irrigated agriculture-International trade-Temples with priests and priestesses
Nomadic wandering, taking care of flocks

The first great conqueror in the history of Mesopotamian civilization was.


Sargon of Akkad

The Sumerian system of writing was called…?

Hammurabi of Babylon was known for.


His code of laws.

The Indo-Europeans did what? (4 answers)
-Provided most of the languages for Europe, as well as Hindi in India.-Often fought.-Moved on horseback.-Established the Hittite kingdom in what is now modern Turkey.

The Egyptian concept of truth, justice, and order was expressed by the Egyptian word….?

The New Kingdom pharaoh, Ahknaten did what?
Introduced new ideas in art and religion.

The most important contribution of the Phoenicians to Western Civilization was.


The alphabet.

The kingdom of Israel reached its peak under the temple-building king named…..?
King Solomon

After the death of King Solomon what happened?
His kingdom split in two.

.-Northern kingdom of Israel-Southern kingdom of Judah

The great Persian religious prophet was…?

The text argues that the Persians adopted many things from older civilization, but the adoption that had the greatest long-term impact was..


Coinage, a Lydian invention

Western Civilization can be said to have begun in..



The epic poem Iliad, which recounts the prowess and anger of Achillies, was composed by who?

Describe Mycenaean Civilization.
-Was centered around palaces and warrior kings.-Was depicted many years later in the Homeric epics.-Was an ancestor of later Greek Civilization.

Describe the Greek gods.
-Resembled human beings.

-Shared the same virtues and defects as mankind.-Were immortal.

The oracle at Delphi was presided over by the god….?

Which of the following was Not one of the early Greek philosophers, or scientists?-Pythagoras-Gilgamesh-Democritus-Thales

The normal term used to characterize the Greek city-state is.



The Greek political reformer Cleisthenes was known for..


Establishing an Athenian constitution with many democratic features.

Athenian democracy differed from modern democracy in many ways, with several groups excluded. Which of the following was not excluded?-Women-Slaves-Persons not of Athenian ancestry-The poor
The poor

The Greek polis known for its emphasis on military training was…



Which of the following Persian War battles was a Persian, rather than Greek, victory?-Salamis-Marathon-Thermopylae-Plataea

The great historian of the Persian Wars, justifiably known as the Father of History, was….?

The Delian League, a maritime union organized to defend the Aegean against Persia, became converted into a virtual empire for the benefit of.



The major leader of Athenian democracy after the Persian Wars was…?

The period of ancient Greek history that followed Alexander the Great is called.



Macedonia was…


A Greek speaking kingdom north of Greece.

Alexander’s love of Greek culture, literature, and science seems to have come from his tutor…



In which country was the greatest of the many Alexandrias founded?

In Egypt, Alexander….


Was declared to be the god Ammon, and crowned as pharaoh.

In 323 B.C. Alexander died in Babylon from…


Alcohol abuse and fever.

Alexander’s legacy includes….

(3 answers.)

-The blending of Greek and Asian culture which we call Hellenistic.-The idea of a single great empire of many peoples ruled by one king.-An ideal of heroic military genius emulated by many subsequent followers.

The Alexandrian successor kingdom ruled over by his general Ptolemy and his successors was.



The Seleucid dynasty ruled…


The Asian part of Alexander’s empire.

The Antigonids ruled…



Urban problems in the Hellenistc Age included…

(3 answers.)

-Lack of public safety.-Poor sanitation.-Uncertain food supply.

Who ultimately gained control of the entire Mediterranean..



The neighboring people that MOST influenced Roman early development were the…



The Roman Republic established in 509 B.C.


An oligarchy controlled by the rich patricians.

The system of patrons and clients in the Roman Republic shows that in practice, government depended heavily on…


Informal relations among people.

Describe the Roman family. (3 answers.)
-Fathers were the primary authority.

-Ancestors as well as household gods were worshiped.-Women could wield some political influence through authority over their sons.

The traditional soldier in the Roman army was a.


Tax-paying citizen of Rome.

Carthage was colonized by the…



At the end of the First Punic War, the Romans acquired..



In the Second Punic War, Hannibal’s strategy was to.


Swiftly cross the Alps into Italy and by winning some big battles, persuade Rome’s subject peoples to join his side.

The most serious slave revolt in Roman History took place in 73 B.C. when 70,000 slaves revolted under the leadership of.



The Romans had many engineering accomplishments. What was not one of them?
Use of concrete.

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