history ch 17

writers and artists in northern Itly began to experiment with different styles caused and explosion in art, writing, and thoutmeans rebirth,revival of art and learning,men and woman hoped to bring back the cutler of classical greece and romeinnovative (new) styles of art. literature, new values,important of the individualspread from northern italy to rest of Europe 3 advantages that madeItaly the birthplace of the Renaissance 1. thriving cities2. wealthy merchant class3. classical heritage of Greece and rome.

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everyday languageDante wrote this wayhis native language= Italianinstead of Latin poets and writers would express themselves in their own language like vernacular

means “no place” an ideal placewritten by thomas moore of englandabout imaginary land with no greed, no corruption, and no warwriiten in Latin and translated into other languages

movement of religious reform.Luther;s actions began the reformationled to founding of christen churches that didn’t accept the pope’s authority

protesting princes who supported Luthersigned a protestant agreementapplied to christians who belonged to non-Catholic churches

peace of Angsburg
religious settlement.holy roman emperor Charles 5th ordered german princes (protestant and Catholic) to gather in Augsburg.princes agreed that each ruler would decide the religion of its state

catholic reformation
Helping catholics remain loyal. movement within catholic church to reform itself.

counter reformationleaders=reformers ignatius of loyola founded religious orders paul 2nd and pal 4th – popes reform and renew the church within

council of Trent
catholic bishops and cardinals agreed on several doctrines. church interpretation was considered a heretic (nonbeliever). Christians need faith and good works for salvation. Luther agree. Bible and church tradition equally powerful authorities for guiding christian life. indulgence were reasonable expressions of faith.

false selling indulgences was banned

how did the merchant class in northern Italy influence the renaissance?
the bubonic plague killed up to 60% of the population, which resulted in economic changes. Survivors demanded high wages because there were very few laborers. merchants were now interested in ar. merchants use wits 9intelligence) to succeed in business and believed they deserve power achievements. Renaissance merchants were patrons of the art.

What ways did literature and the arts change during the renaissance?
art changed into style of classical Greece and rome because Italian artists and scholars were inspired from the ruins of rome, Western scholars studied ancient Latin manuscripts, and christen scholars in Constantinople fled to Rome with Greek manuscripts when the Turks conquered Constantinope. As the renaissance advanced, artistic styles changed. Renaissance painters used the technique called perspective.

Renaissance writers used techniques that are used today. A medieval writer named Dante wrote in italian instead of Latin, which was called vernacular

What did northern European rulers do to encourage the spread of renaissance ideas?
French king claimed Naples throne in 1494, dragging war through northern Italy, many artists fled to north brining styles and techniques with them. italians brought home northern European styles. European Renaissance focused around the Church. the ruler encouraged the Renaissance by finically supporting artists who started to create things there were inspired by ancient rome and greece. (ex. Francis 1 of france invited leonardo de vinci to retire in France, and hired a group of artists to rebuilt and decorate his castle)

How were the Christian humanists different from the humanists of the Italian Renaissance? section 2 pages 480-487
Christian humanists tried to reform society, which led to society to change views on how life should be lived. Christian humanists believed to improve society , you must study the bible.

Humanists from the italian renaissance studied classical texts to understand ancient greek values.

on what three teachings did martin Luther rest his Reformation movement?
1. people could win salvation based on their belief in gods will to forgive 2. all church teachings should be based on the words of the bible 3.

All people with faith are equal, so people don’t need priests to interpret the bible

why did the holy Romen emperor go to war against protestant German princes?
Holy roman Emperop Charles 5th went to war against the Protestant German princes because Luther’s teaching allowed the protestants to claim their independence from Charles 5th and charles5th believed that his subjects should remain catholic. because the romans were big believers of the church, they hated anyone who went against the church.

Why did king henry the 8th create his own church?
king Henry the 8th wanted to annul his wife. but the pope did not allow it, therefore Henry created his own non Catholic church, the Church of England, and divorced his wife.

In what ways was John Calvin’s church different from the Lutheran Church?
The Lutheran Church believed that people could win salvation only by fair that god forgives. John Calvin church believed that you can not achieve salvation because god has already chosen who he will save

What was the goal of the Catholic reformation?
to change what was going on inside the church, but remain catholic.

catholic church to reform itself

What are 3 legacies of the Reformation?
1. the reformation brought unity to the Roman Catholic Church and the protestant church.2. both religious groups paid more attention to education opening up more schools and colleges.3.

because of the decline the Catholic church’s political power monarchs and states gained more power

people that were elected to be saved were called

3 advantages that made Italy the birthplace of the Renaissance
1. thriving cities2. wealthy merchant class3. classical heritage of Greece and Rome.

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