History Chapter 17 China

What was neo confucianism based on
To stop buddhism

Who brought Buddhism to China
Traders and missionaries

Who supported Buddhism by encouraging the building of temples and the printing of Buddhist texts

What type of system did raising being back to China
Civil service examinations

They ruled from 960 to 1279 AD and moved their capital to Hangzhou

They reunited China in ad 581
Sui dynasty

He believe that good government led by wise rulers would create a peaceful society

The capital city of China under the Song Dynasty

Where did Buddhist monks and nuns live and worship

He was considered the most powerful emperor of the Tang Dynasty

Who broke free of Chinese rule when the Han dynasty fell

Who encouraged the Chinese to remain faithful to Confucian teachings
Han Yu

Put these 3 rulers in order: Empress Wu, Yangdi, Wendi
Wendi, Yangdi, Empress Wu

Why did song emperors move their China to hangzhou

What was usually portrayed in Chinese paintings during the Song Dynasty

Under which dynasty did the Chinese discover that iron could me melted to make steel

Who was gunpowder invented by

What was often used in Chinese poetry

What did the earliest printings process use

What allowed for the growth of trade during the Tang Dynasty
Roads and waterways

What did the Chinese start producing as a result of increased trade
Paper currency

What was the first known printed book
Diamond Sutra

This invention was similar to a gun
Fire lance

This was a material used by the Chinese that mixes iron and carbon

This was the class of leaders that grew out of the civil service exam systems

The great age of poetry in China
Tang Dynasty

Why did the song artists have empty spaces in their landscape paintings
Daoist Belief

How did the Chinese invention of the magnetic compass affect European history
It enabled Europeans to explore the world

What Change in both economy and trade came about in the Song Dynasty as a result of the invention of printing
Paper currency

How did the shortage of wood lead to the discovery of steel
Coal was found and used as a fuel, coal was used in heat in furnaces

Three factors that helped rice farmers flourish
Land, advanced irrigation methods, developed new type of rice

Dynasty dominated by Mongol leaders
Yuan dynasty

What did Marco Polo write about in his book
His travels

Rulers during a given period of time

What were Mongol warriors known for
Their cruel fighting and use of terror

With ships built by the Koreans, who did the Mongols attempt to invade

Famous European traveler who visited China
Marco Polo

Who were the rulers of Korea

The name of the dynasty started by kublai khan

Who stopped the westward advance of the Mongols

Why did the Mongol power in China begin to decline after the death of kublai khan
Problems increased, the government son spent too many resources on foreign conquests, weak emperors, lost respect of people

How were the Mongols able to build a vast empire
Used terror, conquered many places, taxed goods along trade routes

Where did Zheng he travel
Southeast Asia, India, east Africa

Which emperor brought peace and order to China after Mongol rule
Hong wu

What feature is by Beijing
Great Wall

Which dynasty did the Chinese produce long fictional stories

Who conquered the Ming

What did Confucian official convince the emperor to do after Zheng he’s death
End voyages

What led to the collapse of the Ming dynasty
Dishonest officials took over the country and placed heavy taxes on farmers, which the farmers revolted

What was special about many of the novels written durn the Ming dynasty
The used everyday language

What did Ming officials think about merchants
They thought they were selfish

What happened when Confucian officials stopped the construction of ships
China trade with other countries sharply declines and China’s shipbuilding technology became outdated

What did the Portuguese want to convert the Chinese to

The large area of places and government building in Beijing built by yong le
The imperial city

A voyager during the Ming dynasty
Zheng he

The new capital city under yong le

Known as the brilliant dynasty

Why was it important for the government to take a census
Officials could identify the people who owed taxes

How did growing Cotten change the way people lived
Cotten became the cloth worn by most Chinese

2 accomplishments of hung Wu during his rule
Brought peace and order, founded the Ming dynasty

Bring something back to an earlier or better condition

Relating to the state or gov

Neo- Confucianism
A new form of the ideas of the philosopher Confucius; included Buddhist and Daoist beliefs

A basic truth or belief

A ceramic made of fine clay baked at very high temps

A way of doing something

To copy from one surface to another by contact

Artistic handwriting

Flat, dry grassland

Violent acts that are meant to cause fear in ppl

To bring together as one

A count of the number of people in a country

A long fictional story

An uncivilized person

An uncivilized person

Continuously moving forward

To bring from one belief to another

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