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History of Rock and Roll The true history of rock and roll music has a wide genre of music styles that have all gained knowledge from each type.

The music world branched out by using the beats that the first music artists used and then they got better at using what was given to them and creating something completely different that people thought sounded really good. The history of rock and roll is really interesting because all artists no matter what genre there music comes from can relate. Alice cooper one of the most well known heavy metal artists derived his music style from 60’s guitar pop. he was known for being dramatic and going outside the box with the way he dressed to the way he wrote music. Alice cooper was unique to the genre because he brought independence in the heavy metal category.

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He fought in a court case because some mother thought that the message in the songs was wrong and should not be heard by the younger generation. I chose alice cooper because i thought they were a band that everyone would know best. One of alice coopers first albums “Pretties For You” was well known album giving people a real taste of how heavy metal is supposed to sound. They contributed to the history of rock and roll by showing people that you can be different, you can bring difference to our society and some people will like it some don’t.

David Bowie very popular in glam rock which was slow beat and kinda relaxed like country music. This is a very different genre compared to heavy metal which is very loud and obnoxious. His musical influences were muddy waters from the early music periods. He was important to glam rock bc he was a person that people looked up to and was very successful in the songs he wrote. I chose david bowie because he is the person everyone talks about when they think of glam rock. He made his music people wanted to just move to, it wasn’t something that you just heard and was like oh thats david bowie no it was something like oh thats david bowie!! He contributed to the history of rock and roll by being able to accomplish 5 grammys and 19 nominee votes.

Pink Floyd was a band that was created in 1965 by a group of teenagers who wanted to create rock and roll music that teenagers would be interested in. At this time period sex drugs and rock and roll had a big roll and teenagers knew how to express in words what other teenagers wanted to hear. There musical influences were david bowie and other glam rock and roll artists. Pink Floyd is unique because they were teenagers who preached the the teenager ways through music. I chose this band because there songs were pretty good in my mind because they had some real good beats. Pink Floyd is important to rock and roll because they brought songs to the world that opened up people’s eyes. Muddy Waters was the single most important artist to emerge in post war american blues.

Muddy Waters was an influence to many by giving people a nice slow sometimes medium pace beat to learn from and go off of to create different styles of music. He was unique to rock and roll because he was one of the first people to create blues music. His contribution to music was giving people something they could learn from. I chose Muddy Waters because i had learned about him in class and was fascinated by how blues music sounded and how he made it sound.

His song champagne and reefer was a success because he made it a success and many people liked it. Sex Pistols were founded in 1977 and became a hit right out of the gate. They sang music that was ungrateful bashing and intense. They were much influence in the rock and roll stagnant. By singing insane songs that were just crazy people actually liked them. Sex Pistols were influenced by the heavy metal genres but punk rock is just crazier than heavy metal. They were unique because they just feed off of heavy metal and made it just crazier and more punk than ever. I chose the sex pistols because the name just gave it away that they were unique.

The sex pistols contributions to the history of rock and roll were to bring loud music and obnoxious music to people. Bob Dylan was one well known folk rock singer songwriters, received grammy, academy and golden globe awards. Bob Dylan’s musical influences included Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and little richard. Bob Dylan was important to rock music because when woody guthrie was no longer able to sing he was new and cool artists to take his place and exceed greatly. I chose bob dylan because he was a well known folk rock singer who created  music that was a big hit back in the day. Bob Dylan was a great hit when he came out with his song “like a rolling stone” that just was hit the minute people heard it.

Dylan contributed to rock and roll by showing people how you could make good songs people liked by writing your own songs. Prince born June 7, 1958 In minneapolis minnesota. Starting his career off by watching dad perform when he was younger. His influence was based off of his father being an artist and influencing him to sing about who he was or what he believed in. What made Prince unique to rock and roll was his ability to not care what people thought of him and creating controversy dealing with the fusion of religion and sexuality. I chose prince because i thought he was a unique individual who gave funk music a good reputation.

One of Prince’s most well known songs “little red corvette” was a great success in which he was able to create a song that truly is the reputation of funk music. He contributed to rock and roll by going on with the movement of fusing religion with sexuality. Elvis Costello born August 25, 1954 raised in liverpool, England. He started his career by going to places and singing in public then he got noticed and made it big. His influences were his father and Elvis Presley which they made him want to create a new wave type of music. He was unique because will trying to make it big in the music industry he continued to work a daily job as a computer operator. I chose Elvis Costello because i wanted to learn more about him and how he changed rock and roll.

One of the songs he is famous for is “what’s so funny bout peace love and understanding” he created a new wave in which people had not heard before. He contributed to rock and roll by coming from london and being able to reach his new music out to the United States. Notorious B.

I.G. Aka Biggie Smalls Born May 21, 1972 was rapper who came from the lowest of the lows. His career started when he started rtapping in the streets when a man asked if he wanted to record it. His influences were Dr. Dre and just him wanting to succeed in life and make it big.

He was unique to the history of rock and roll because he got his fame from just singing on the side of a building and then being asked if he wanted to make it big. I chose Biggie Smalls because i thought it was cool that he had gained his fame from just rapping on the side of the streets to rapping in a recording studio. One of his most famous song Hypnotize is a good example of how people came from the bottom. He contributed to the history of rock and roll by rapping about how the people in the hood felt it was a new kind of style which he had really good ideas for rapping about and a really good beat. The Nirvana band was created in Washington in 1987 having manny drummers leave throughout the bands career. Nirvana’s career was very successful when kurt cobain was not doing high class drugs. When Kurt had a drug addiction he was not much help when all he wanted to sing about was suicide.

Their influence was black sabbath who were great influences to base music off of. They were unique to rock and roll because they truly showed people what it was like to be wild and reckless. I chose this band because they were one band that i liked the most so i wanted to learn more about them. One of Nirvana’s top hits “Smells like teen spirit” was one for the books which is one of their most popular songs which gives you a headache everytime you listen to it. They contributed to rock and roll by being one of the craziest bands people remember them by which is a great example of grunge music.

I think the future generations of music will be a fast pace rambunctious but smooth sound a mix between a heavy metal and new wave music. The past generations would affect this by giving that music something to go off of and giving them something to start with.  Alice Cooper (Heavy Metal)David bowie (glam rock)Pink Floyd (prog rock)Muddy waters (Blues)Sex Pistols (Punk rock)Bob Dyan (Folk Rock)Prince (funk)Elvis costello (New wave)Notorious B.

I.G. (Hiphop/Rap)Nirvana (Grunge)

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