History of history is the most important of all

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Last updated: July 4, 2019

  History artfully connects every living soul from the beginning of time until eternity; humans have an innate desire to blame, judge, and self-serve, as a result, history continues to repeat itself. What separates a person born in A.F. 632 to someone born in 2018; the answer, shockingly simple, nothing.

Dissecting the concept of change will reveal that its essence requires accountability and a quantitative time of reflection. Author Aldous Huxley states, “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history”. Implying that humans come complete with flagrant flaws and imperfections.  Society’s destiny forms a chain reaction of mistakes for generations to learn from or to follow.

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In Brave New World, Mustapha Mond states, “…you’re so conditioned that you can’t help doing what you ought to do.” (Huxley 237). These behaviors and beliefs are deep-rooted into the core of society; ensuring that these patterns will be the inheritance of the next generation. In 2018 people are conditioned to believe “hard work pays off”, unfortunately, the term “payoff” means different things to different people.

 Embodying the ideal work ethic; staying late, volunteering for jobs that no one else will do, may not open the door to success. Yet, believing this “truth” provides hope in the “payoff”. Submersion into a culture limits a person’s ability to recognize this conditioning. Brave New World and today’s society perpetuate prejudice towards a specific race or caste.

Social media and television today villainize the Muslim community calling them “terrorists”. The novel weaves a tapestry of hardship and bigotry through conditioning which makes them impaired physically and mentally. Repeating the same action time and time again while expecting a different result does not create change it simply defines chaos.

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