Harriet Tubman

The action that he had made could look bad

The crucible-John proctor a guy with lots of pride.proctors action that he had made could look bad to some people.john proctor plays the big role in the story called a crucible by the author by the name of Author Miller. John proctor made some bad decision like getting with Abigail but it wasn’t his fault it was here because she persuade him to getting with her.He also lied in court

Justice stated that she yelled “I love God

Justice is fragile, it can be altered and become corrupt to abide to a person’s likings. When more and more people learn that it’s corrupted, they take advantage of such thing. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller uses Abigail’s character to show that corruption of justice can negatively affect one’s integrity, resulting in dire consequences to all that are involved. When justice becomes corrupted, anybody can be willing to lie to

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would go around the village and claim they see people spirts and also they would accuse anybody for being a witch without evidence “he did he did his spirt came in threw my room window last night and bite at my neck he whispers “come with me or I shall have your soul” (pg50)” this shows that during the Salem witch trials random people were getting blamed and sum killed

The Sacrificial Lamb in the Crucible

The Sacrificial Lamb in the Crucible Christians, as well as most of the modern world, are familiar with the life and death of Jesus Christ. In short, the world was filled with evil until a perfect being was born and died to save the world of its impending doom in hell. Due to respect and reverence to Christ, using his story as a basis for literature is taboo. Most secular

“You and doing witch craft. This is mentioned

“You have to be a man of morals and principles lead by example and others will follow”. There are many witch trials happening today and it has nothing to do with magic or power there is a different moral to this story. Arthur miller was one targeted by modern day witch trials and he wrote the crucible so people would understand. I will be talking about how he used his

Tituba’s Diary

Tituba’s Diary May 13, 1692 Today I told the girls that we would do something different tomorrow. A very special practice that is unknown to the people of this village. We will preform a voodoo ritual . We will meet in the woods and get started right away. Hopefully they gathered all the items and have not forgotten what I have showed them. May 14, 1692 Today we preformed the

The Crucible- Abigail Act 1 Characterization

Michael Heifetz 10/29/11 Act 1 Characterization Throughout act one of The Crucible, Arthur Miller uses many forms of characterization to present Abigail as a sly, lying girl, who tries to wheedle her way into getting the outcome that she wants by any means necessary. One way he does this is through Abigail’s words throughout act one. When Parris is asking Abigail about why she was fired from Elizabeth Proctor’s service

Persuasive because of the choices that he made

                 Persuasive essayJohn Proctor is hero and a villain in some people’s mind.some people may think he is crazy but other people may like him. he died with always believing in what he liked.at first he wanted to confess for what he did so that he can be with his family. When danforth in the court made him put his name on a

The Crucible

In the novel ” The Crucible “, Honesty is what values each individual the most. It doesn’t matter what sex you are as long as you behold the power of honesty within. John proctor faces many souls that look past the asset of honesty such as Abigail Williams and Mary Warren and also encounters people that doesn’t believe one’s honesty whom are Judge Hathorne and Danforth. John Proctor and Giles

The Crucible Act 1 Study Guide

As the play begins, why has Reverend Parris sent for a doctor? His daughter Betty is “sick” – as if in a coma What advice does the doctor send back? That he can find no medical reason for her illness, and he should look for an “unnatural reason.” What does Reverend Parris question Abigail about? If her name in the village is “white” – meaning, is her reputation good. What

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