Pearl Harbor

Did the Roman invasion of Britain happen in Sussex or Richborough in Kent as generally accepted

Following the discovery of military remains at the Fishbourne site in the 1990’s a theory developed that the Roman invasion of Britain happened in Sussex rather than at Richborough in Kent as has always been accepted. From available evidence do you agree with this theory? For this essay we are looking at two interpretations of the Roman Invasion – the traditional and the challenge argument and so throughout this essay

All Roads Lead to Rome

The Roman Empire was one of the largest in world history. Rome started as a single city-state in the Central Italy and grew to be an empire ruling the entire Mediterranean coastal region. Its long history can be divided into the Republican and the Empire period. The Roman Republic was a confederation of states under the control of a representative central authority, but the disintegration of the Roman Republic caused

Antony & Cleopatra

When we look at Act 3: Scene 2, we can see that it is in an important and prominent place in the play. It is a continuation from the drunken scene on Pompey’s boat and here, we see the characters in a very different view: sober and distressed. The scene starts with lesser characters, as it does in many of the scenes in this play. This is a common convention

Which Was The Best And Which Was The Worst Roman Emperor

A bad emperor is someone who makes all the wrong decisions, kills everyone and has a rubbish army. First of all we have Caligula now Caligula was mad because he had a brain disease. His first sign of madness was when he started making funny faces at himself in the mirror, then he went and told all the senators that he was a god and if they don’t worship him

After when it became an empire. Julius Caesar was

After Julius Caesar was assassinated, the Roman Republic was overruled and transformed into the Roman Empire. The Republic had many flaws including the fact that it was based on inheritance, it had no genuine voice for the lower class, women, or slaves, and it was not strong enough to govern effectively and keep its citizens happy during endless wars. Ancient Rome only truly became powerful when it became an empire.

British Literature Trivia

Name the Shakespearean play and the character who said this following quote:”They are the faction. O conspiracy,Shamest thou to show thy dangerous brow by night,When evils are most free? O, then by dayWhere wilt thou find a cavern dark enoughTo mask thy monstrous visage? Seek none, conspiracy;Hide it in smiles and affability:For if thou path, thy native semblance on,Not Erebus itself were dim enoughTo hide thee from prevention.” Marcus Brutus

AP English Literary Devices

Allegory (Definition) An extended narrative in which items represent abstract qualities and intend a second meaning. Allegory (Example) The Good Samaritan – right thinking and compassionate peopleThe Serpent (Adam and Eve) – The tempter, or true evil Alliteration (Definition) Repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words that are close to one another; Falls under the umbrella term “Anaphora” Alliteration (Example) … I am cabined, cribbed, confined… – Shakespeare…

Roman Literature

Etruscans first inhabitants of Rome, Beginning in the 700s BCE,first rulers of Roman Republic and Empire; Laid the foundation for Rome and Roman civilization Livy Historian of Roman Republic who wrote about the struggle between plebians and patricians Roman Republic the ancient Roman state from 509 BC until Augustus assumed power in 27 BC patricians members of old aristocratic Roman families plebeians Of or relating to the common people of

Although the emperor, Anthony, had an involvement and

Although Cleopatra was successful in life, you must know that you shouldn’t do things how she did. What things did she do? Read on to find out!                                              What She Looked Like Historians don’t know for sure how Cleopatra really looked like. She is often portrayed with fair skin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Sometimes she is showed with blond hair, but only rarely. She is often represented on

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