Heart relationship of the weak people of Africa

Heart of Darkness, one of the best 100 best books, throws the light on the fierce and brutal imperialistic run of the European over the weaker nations like Congo. It portrays the life of the weak people and their poor circumstances amid the colonized period. It stresses on the brutal realities of the life in Africa. The novel is a criticism on the aims of western colonizers who in the desire for

Matagari Essay

“There are two worlds. There is the world of those who accept things as they are, and there is that of those who want to change things. Which world do you belong to? ” (p. 76) Throughout Ngugi wa Thiong’o”s novel, Matigari, the main character proves himself to be a strong, intelligent, peaceful man who appears to have his head on straight and sees the state of the world in

Fanon’s approach

On the other hand, Fanon’s approach is based on the belief that through violence the oppressed peoples of Algeria and other nations can rid themselves of their “inferiority complex and from [their] despair and inaction; it makes [the oppressed] fearless and restores self-respect. ” Fanon views violence not only as a liberating force but also as a means to make, “it possible for the masses to understand social truths and

Africa and World War 1

World War 1 which is also known as, The Great War and The War to End All Wars. World War 1 was a worldwide military clash that took place mostly in Europe. The French and British armed forces in 1914 marched into the German territory of Togoland in West Africa. Soon after that the German armed forces who were in the South West Africa assailed South Africa. The war brought

The “Dief the chief” however became very unpopular

The 60’s was a time of many economic, political and social changes, that is why it is referred to as a decade of sweeping changes. From the Tie-die shirts and bell bottom jeans that were all the rage to the politics and big changes being made, the 60’s was a very important decade for helping shape Canada’s current society. Heavy metal, Rock-and-Roll was very popular during the 60’s including the

Great Britain from 1680 – 1770

For better or for worse, the British empire of the late 17th century to the late 19th century was one of the most powerful entities on the face of the earth. While Britain’s expansionist power was often less than benign, it represented a social, political and economic force that the world had never seen before. So, in order to understand it clearly, one needs to examine this expansionism closely. Initially,

The Absurdity of Imperialism

By examining George Orwell‘s story A Hanging, one can see by describing the symbol of the superintendent of the jail and the image of the prisoner, that the author provides a dark tone to illustrate the absurdity of imperialism. Firstly, the image of superintendent is used to illustrate the power and authority of imperialism, like the top of right to control people and force them to follow, while the jail

Race and Class in Latin America

As a land of great diversity Latin America, it is full of contradictions but has a lot of promises. The reflection of its diversity is not only in the landscape of social, economical and a political culture but also on its people. The status began with the exploration of Columbus in1942. Ethnicity and race were imperative to the stratification and structure of the Liberian society. The pre-modern world did not

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