HISTORYEvent: he was the fourth highest paid youtuber

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HISTORYEvent: Civil WarDate: 1861-1865Description: The free north and the slave owning south had a conflict after president Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860. 11 Southern states seceded from the union, denying one unity nation. April 1861 were when the first shots were fired. The wars tore apart the south and the confederation almost won the war.

Major Players: Abe lincoln, ulysses L grantBIG IDEAS: Bravery, courage, taking risks, hard work, Fear***********************************************************HISTORYEvent: Berlin WallDate: 1961-1989Description: On august 13, 1961 the GDR began to build a barbed wire and concrete wall between east and west germany. The purpose was to keep the western “fascists” out of East germany. The wall stood until november 9, 1989, when the head of east german communist party announced people of the GDR could pass the border as they wished. That night some people fled to east germany while others took hammers and picks to the wall. And to this very day the berlin wall remains one of the most powerful symbols of the cold war.

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Major Players: GDR, East germanyBIG IDEAS: Division, betrayal, freedom, justice, taking risksCURRENT EVENTSEvent: Logan Paul Filming Suicide VictimDate: December 31, 2017 – NowDescription: YouTube star and actor Logan Paul, he was the fourth highest paid youtuber in 2016 but has grown tenfold since then. On the 31st he posted a video going to “suicide” forest in Japan (Aokigahara forest). The video showed a dead man that hung himself, even though the face was blurred it was still shocking because in the video he was laughing and joking, although you could tell it was like a nervous laugh/ way of coping with the horror he was seeing it still disturbed fans, especially since most are children.

Some people like Tanner Fox, another youtube star, defended Logan by saying stuff like the people could have just not watched and there are hundreds of videos with dead people in them on the internet, and others said stuff like he needs to be taken off youtube or that he disgusts them. After all that and YouTube decided to put a strike on his channel (get three and you’re taken off), to take him off the 4th season of a YouTube Red series, delay all his solo youtube red series until further notice, and take him off charts so he doesn’t get as many ads in his videos or the top paying ads anymore, some people think YouTube didn’t do enough. Logan had to take the video down himself and made 2 apologies, one a tweet that made people even more mad, and then a video apology which seemed sincere. You can tell Logan is taking this seriously because he has made it his personal goal to upload a vlog everyday and didn’t fail for 400+ days and now has stopped to “reflect” as he says.Major Players: YouTube, Logan Paul, YouTube CommunityBIG IDEAS: Respect, Leadership, Influence, Hard Work, betrayal, inspiration **************************************************************CURRENT EVENTSEvent: North and south korea as one for olympicsDate: january 18, 2018Description: North and south korea have a very difficult history including civil wars and sabotaging each other at international games, so why do they march as one under a unity flag for the olympics? This may mean peace between the two sides.

The athletes are supposed to train in north korea before the competition and they even have a couple joint teams competing in the games. The unity flag is a blue silhouette of korea and the surrounding islands, and it is not the first time they’ve marched under this flag together.Major Players: North korea, South koreaBIG IDEAS: unity, peace, hard work, trust, respectLITERATUREEvent: The TestingDate: Very Far futureDescription: In a world where the world was corrupted by 7 stages of war, students compete in tests to get into the university, and survive. Cia is one of the top students in her class and she, like everyone else, doesn’t know that the testing involves killing. She soon learns what the testing is really about and doubts everything she knows. She trusts will and thomas but her dad told her to trust no one, and she should’ve listened. When they are on the final test, where they have to travel from one point to another without help, she meets up with thomas and they later find Will.

Major Players: Cia, Thomas, WillBIG IDEAS: Trust, betrayal, Bravery, Intelligence, Hard Work***********************************************************LITERATUREEvent: The NaturalsDate: Current timesDescription: A group of teens who didn’t know each other were put together for criminal investigations because they all had “natural” abilities that were special. For example one was a human lie detector, one can tell any emotion you have, one is basically a super computer, and there are more. None of them trust each other much since they got put together, but none of them want to go home because it isn’t good at their homes. They are able to solve cases even the FBI couldn’t.

Major Players:Dean Redding, Lia Zhang, Sloane Tavish. Michael Townsend. Cassie Hobbes.

Celine Delacroix.BIG IDEAS: trust, betrayal, teamwork, problem solving, good vs evil, intelligencePERSONAL EXPERIENCE (Experience that has had a profound effect on you)Event: Marching BandDate: Late august until end of football seasonDescription: I came into High school thinking marching band was going to be easy by what I’ve seen on tv, but I was so wrong. The first couple weeks it was so hot and we were outside for multiple hours in the Texas summer heat, only moving one step at a time. Literally one step at a time, then we reset and repeated that same one foot movement. Later in the season we started moving more and that’s when the dots came.

We had to memorize certain places on the field to go or you could ruin the shape by being even just a couple inches off sometimes. We all had to work with each other to get the right shapes, and I feel happy with what I accomplished this year. Yes I could’ve done better but I did the best I could and the directors knew that and were proud of all of us.Major Players: Cain Marching band and directorsBIG IDEAS: Leadership, Teamwork, determination, focus, Taking risks*****************************************************************PERSONAL EXPERIENCE (Experience that has had a profound effect on you)Event: learning saxophoneDate: 6th gradeDescription: In the end of fifth grade i decided to take band at doerre. We were choosing instruments and i chose saxophone because of how it looked. I honestly didn’t know how many of the instruments sounded at that time. I auditioned on saxophone which was just playing on the mouthpiece and neck (the curvy part at the top) and not the body. I was able to make a decent sound on it, so i chose it.

In the beginning when we were playing i was 1st chair for a couple weeks. Then as the music got harder i noticed some of the bottom people moving up and some top moving down and i was now fighting for the top spot. Most weeks i was somewhere in between 1-5 out of 12.

One week when i got 8 i was really upset and i asked why, i later realized that i hadn’t been practicing enough. This started my passion for keeping up with saxophone and not quitting. Major Players: Me, other studentsBIG IDEAS: determination, hard work, perseverance, patience, dedication

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