Hitler in WW2

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In 1934 when Hitler came to power in Germany most people in Germany were unaware of what he was going to do in the years to come.

In his speeches and rallies he had made it clear to his supports that he would try to rebuilt Germany and give people jobs, a lot of people believed what he said and this is mainly what gave him the power to take over Germany and become the Fuehrer. The people in Germany just had to wait to see what he would do as they were in desperate conditions.In Germany unemployment was a huge problem, in 1932 unemployment was at its peak 5.

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6 million people were unemployed. The reasons for the unemployment were that Germany had to pay so much money because of the Treaty of Versailles, America were very powerful at the time and had loaned Germany money so that it could rebuild its country and pay back money for the Treaty of Versailles, but when there was a Wall Street crash in America it became hard for America to loan Germany any money so Germany went into depression.This depression made Germany into total chaos, unemployment rose rapidly as large companies started to bust because of the depression, the unemployment meant that people were in hunger and misery. Violence started to break out in the streets and people needed a leader that could sort the chaos in Germany. Most people who were unemployed were the men, these man worked to support there families and in most families it was the only income into the house, so when they lost there jobs it was hard to look after there families and they lived without the basic essentials like; clothes, heating etc.The people of Germany were in a desperate condition and looked at extremist parties like the Nazi party who could make a difference. When Hitler came into power the people in Germany were almost expecting Hitler to solve the unemployment problems because this is what he had promised in his speeches. Hitler had to come up with many ideas to give people jobs.

Hitler was obsessed with war and this was one of the ways Hitler gave people jobs. For the Germany any job was good for them as they were so desperate for money, so that they could provide for themselves and there families.In 1935 Hitler introduced conscription, so it was compulsory for the people of Germany to do some military service. This helped Hitler form an army so that he could protect Germany and start to gain a army for war, also the people in Germany were getting jobs so that they could provide for there families. Hitler also gave jobs in factories to re-build Germany; posters were put up all around Germany with the strong Aryan man who has a swastika armband helping to re-build Germany it was written on the poster ‘Help Hitler build, buy German goods!.This poster encouraged people to work for Hitler so that they felt they were part of the people who re-built Germany. There were many jobs that Hitler gave; there was jobs in industry, jobs for the Nazis and the community like the (S. S, police, Gestapo).

Hitler obviously did not have enough money to pay all of its workers a lot of money so to get around this; he had set up the German labour force or the DAF. This organization was set up to take over the free trade unions, so the Nazis had total control over the workers and the aspects of working.Hitler basically got more work out of his employees for less money and this is why he had abolished the free trade unions as they would object to this. This DAF increased the working hours for its workers and decreased the wages. For the workers this was unfair, but the workers had nowhere else to work and were desperate for money so Hitler could do what he wanted to them. The freedom in the workplace dropped though small things like TV were not allowed to be watched in lunch breaks, but the German people just had to deal with it.The workers in Germany were slightly better off than before, but there freedom was totally lost and the hours of work they were doing was too much for what they were being paid. Hitler again knew that this would bring some kind of strike or riot.

So he then organized two more organizations through the DAF called the ‘Beauty of Labour’ and the ‘Strength through joy’. In order to stop any sort of strikes the ‘Beauty of Labour’ was organized this improved conditions in the work place like; lighting, ventilation and hot meals.This was set up to persuade the workers to work longer. Also the ‘Strength through Joy’ organization was set up this was set up so that workers did not get bored of there jobs, different tasks and jobs were set up by this organization again to persuade the German people that it was good to work for Hitler.

As you can see Hitler did spend a lot of time on giving people jobs, and even thought the working hours and wages were unhealthy, at least he did try and help the situation in the work place by setting up these organizations.For the workers it was better in that the workplace was better and the jobs given were different and more interesting, but still the pay was not good as a good as before Hitler came into power and the hours were longer. In 1929 a few years before Hitler came into power the index of industrial wages were at 130 this was at its peak, when Hitler came into power the most he made the wages to was 105 this was 25 less, so the people of Germany at this time were worst of than before Hitler but better than when Germany was in the depression.In 1928 the number employed was 18 million, in the time Hitler was in Power the number had dropped because of the depression, but then Hitler had raised the number employed to 18. 8 million this was much more than when he was not in power. All Hitler promised was that he would give people jobs and from these statistics it is shown that he achieved what he promised to the people. However this does not mean the people in Germany were better off because Hitler did also take jobs away from people, and this was his choice he did not have to take jobs of people.

The Jews were the ones who suffered the most, but also the disabled and gypsies were not allowed to work either. Hitler also encouraged women not to work, he wanted women to stay at home and bring up Aryan boys for the war in years to come. The first action taken against Jews was in 1933, no Jew in Germany was allowed to have a job in the government. As the years passed more and more laws were passed to take away freedom and income from Jews.

Jews were not allowed to; take exams at schools, no Jew could be a Reich citizen, no Jew could work in the major professions, no Jew could have sexual intercourse with an Aryan.The laws became worse as time progressed also similar laws were passed for gypsies and the disabled. For the Jew one of the worst days for them was the Night of the Long Knives this was in June 1934, Jewish shops were broken into, goods were stolen, and Jews were shot. Even people in the Nazi party were shot because they did not fit into the perfect Aryan race Hitler wanted. Hitler had ordered his men to do this as he hated the Jewish race and wanted all Jews to either be executed or out of his country.For these minorities it was defiantly worse off in Germany, Hitler was striving to get his perfect Germany with just Aryans. Hitler wanted his Aryan race to be carried on in Germany forever and the way he would achieve this was to brainwash the younger generations in Germany.

From a young age all children were brought up into a brainwashed society. Children were brought up into Hitler’s Germany. The way Hitler achieve this was to change the way children were taught in schools. In subjects like maths the execution of Jews were used in problems and bombs in war were used in maths equations.Many subjects were taken out and subject like ‘Race Study were added’. Children were brought up to know nothing but Nazi and its beliefs it was indoctrination the freedom of belief was lost. To the children it was all they knew so it was nothing to them, but actually it was bad the children had no freedom to believe what they wanted.

Hitler also organized Hitler youth camps where children from all over Germany would join these camps and would be taught the Hitler way of life, Hitler also made these youth camps fun so that the children would join.For the parents of the children there was not much they could do as Hitler had already taken there minds away form them. The children were worse off in Germany because they had no freedom to believe what they wanted, some could say it was better of because organization like the Hitler youth camps were set up, but the reason they were set up was not directly to let the children have fun it was just to brainwash them into Nazi Aryans.

To conclude it would be to wrong to say that the whole of Germany was better off, slightly better off or worse off. As different people in Germany felt different things. I believe it would be fair to say that the Jews were worse off in Germany under Nazi rule because they were picked on as a minority. For the workers it was slightly better off because the workers did get work after the depression, the unemployment figures raised by almost 800.

000, the only negative point were the pay and number of hour’s people had to work.For the children of Germany it cannot be said whether it was better or worse, but for the children who did live in the years before Hitler ruled I believe it was worse off under Nazi rule because there mind had been totally brainwashed. For the women aswell it was worse off because before Hitler ruled it was up to them if they wanted to stay at home or to work, but under his rule the freedom was lost and it was encouraged to defiantly stay at home.

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