HIV HIV. The transmission of HIV can be

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Last updated: September 17, 2019

                                                           HIV has unquestionablybecome the most feared health disease after cancer. Millions of people all overthe world become victim to this disease annually. Though it is not likely tocontrol the incidence of cancer, it is surely possible to obstruct the rapidspread of HIV in our society. Though, the efforts to control the spread of HIVare over and over again let down due to lack of adequate facts concerning thetransmission of virus and ignorance.

A lot ofpeople still do not know how HIV is transmitted. Knowing the ABCs helps you evadebecoming HIV-positive. If you are HIV-positive, these essential things will aidyou avoid exposing someone else to HIV.The transmissionof HIV can be averted! There are practices to evade, or reduce, interactionwith body fluids that transmit HIV. HIV is transmitted from one person toanother in the following ways: ? From an infestedmother to her baby at the time of pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding? Wound causedby infested needle stick? Infestedblood transfusion? Sharingfood with an infected person? Man-to-mansexual interaction? Man-to-womansexual interaction? Interactionbetween injuries, blood or body fluids? Give-and-takeof blood while kissing an infected person having bleeding gums Think of HIVtransmission possibility is always high whenever you make a fuss of an unprotectedsex with a strange partner or one with an unidentified virus-related load. Therefore,always take proper care and safety measures because HIV is a deadly disease andyou cannot meet the expense of risk your life due to complete unawareness or carelessness.

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A little ignorance can lead your life to the end, so it is better to adopt healthylifestyle and aware yourself from all the symptoms that may take you in thepath of HIV positive.  

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