Holt Literature Chapter 2

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Last updated: May 10, 2019
The people or animals in a story.

The personality traits that an author infuses their characters with to make them seem real.

The series of related events that make up a story. A character’s qualities can greatly influence the outcome of a story’s plot.

the problem that must be solved one way or another by a character, or characters before the story ends.

smaller problems that add to the conflict, and make the story more suspenseful.

The most exciting part of the story, where the action comes to a head and we get a clue as to the story’s resolution.

When the story ends and the conflict is solved one way or another.

Internal Conflict
a conflict that happens within a character, something they struggle with inside.

External Conflict
a conflict against an outside force, could be against another character(s), or even with the setting.

To look at two or more things and tell what is the same about them.

To look at two things and tell what is different about them.

The process of taking an informational piece and breaking it down into it’s main ideas.

1st person point of view
When an author tells a story through the main character using the “I” voice. We see and hear everything through the eyes of the main character, and we can hear their thoughts, and know their feelings.

We don’t get to hear the thoughts and feelings of other characters.

using what you know, and what you read to guess what will happen next in a story.

the techniques used by an author to reveal characters in a story.

Direct Characterization
When an author tells us directly what a character is like.

Indirect Characterization
When an author gives clues to the reader about the characters, and allows them to decide for themselves what a character is like. There are 5-types of indirect characterization: Words, Actions, Appearance, Thoughts and Feelings, and the response of other characters to the character.

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